6 Tips on How to Protect your Beard from Holi colors

Men generally don’t think much before playing Holi. No skin damage worries nothing, having a good time is all what they think of. Playing colors on Holi without a care in the world sure is fun. But that perfect beard has to be maintained on other days. After all it took you efforts to get that handsome look.

We bring you some tips to protect your Manly Fuzz so that you can enjoy the festival of colors to the fullest.

Pre Holi Tips for Beard

It is better to take some precautionary measure to minimize the effect of colors before going to play Holi.

Apply some Oil
After oil your hair, apply some oil on your beard too. Oil makes protective layer against dirt and color. This minimizes the effect of chemicals and also caters to easy wash away of colors and dirt. If you are going for regular oils, Coconut oil should be your pick. However using a Beard Oil would be the best choice.
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Use Moisturizer
If you do not like oil in your beard, go for moisturizer. Take a moisturizing lotion and apply it on your beard. Moisturizer is better at protecting your fuzz from dryness and damage.

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Take a Cold Shower
A cold shower with a soap ensures moist hair and skin. The soap must contain activated charcoal or essential oils. Also it doe not allow the color to settle, thus making it easier to wash off. Do not go for hard soaps, it will increase dryness that invites more damage.

Post Holi Tips

Washing and removing colors after Holi requires care. If your colorful session was too intense, you will be needing thorough washing. Follow these tips and it will be fine

Wash before the Color sets

Wash your beard with cold water using a good beard shampoo. This should be your first task as once the color sets in, it will be difficult to remove.

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Use Lemon and Oil

Apply a mixture of Beard Oil and Lemon juice on your beard. Oil makes the removal of color easier and lemon negates the damage from chemicals.

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Use a Soap with Activated charcoal

Bathe with a soap of activated charcoal and essential oils to remove residual colors.

For any kind of hair and beard related problems, you can always go visit a   good salon nearby and get the look you want.


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  1. Beards look cool when we are colored on Holi. But yeah it gets scratchy afterwards (and dry too). Thanks for the tips in the article. They are useful.

  2. Oh, why couldn’t I reach this article earlier? this article is really very helpful. I will definitely try these tips next holi. keep sharing such awesome content LOKACI

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