Best Professional Beautician Courses Available Online

In the previous blogs, we introduced you to many salon courses available online. Going deeper in the same area, it’s time we introduce you to the best professional beautician courses available online. Everyone wants to be a professional in their area. 

In this blog, we give you the best courses in the best way possible to learn, the online way! 

What is A Professional Beautician Course?

The cosmetics industry will continue to grow and the demand for cosmetics specialists will increase. Anyone passionate about beautifying people can certainly build a career. There is a lot to learn to be a good makeup artist. They need to develop and master the art that gives the bride, businesswoman, and others the perfect look in general. There are various cosmetology and makeup courses offered by cosmetology schools and universities, and you can enrol in a cosmetology course. The academic focus in the realm of makeup can help you develop careers as makeup professionals in films, spas, or television sets. 

 Students receive a diploma or a certificate after they complete their course. They become certified cosmetologists or makeup artists. These trained and professional artists can then take up and work privately, by opening their salons and providing consultation for clients on an individual basis. They can also choose to work on film sets, work as television artists, or become theatre assistants. In these courses, students will be taught various aspects such as make-up, hair styling, skincare, perfect make-up application, and coverage of scratches and make-up problems. 

Best Professional Beautician Courses Available Online

  • VLCC Institute 

VLCC is one of the best academies in the country to learn professional beauty courses. It was started by Vandana Luthra and the courses it offers are – 

  1. Aesthetics 
  2. Hairdressing and Hairstyling Techniques 
  3. Make-up 
  4. Nails 
  5. Nutrition 
  6. Spa Therapies
  7. Hair treatment 
  8. And so many more! 
  • Fat Mu Pro Make-up School 

The Fat Mu Pro Make-up School is a beauty institute associated with Bollywood celebs like Danny Boyle and Zoya Akhtar. It offers both short and descriptive online courses including  – 

  • 8-week Pro Make-up Course 
  • 3-week Fashion & Beauty Course 
  • 2 Hours Non-pro make-up Course 
  • 1-week intro make-up course 
  • Lakme Academy 

Lakme Lever operates Lakme Salon, India’s leading beauty and fashion chain, offering professional hair styling, skincare and beauty services in more than 260 salons in more than 60  cities. Operated by Aptech Limited, 

 Lakme Academy is a partnership between two industry leaders with decades of experience in their respective fields. 

 Lakmé Academy offers the following courses: 

 – Beauty (advanced) 

 – Skincare (basic and advanced) 

 – Hair care (basic, standard, advanced and short course) 

 – Makeup (basic, advanced and short-term) course)

– Body Care

  • Udemy Courses 

 The world of online learning is changing at an unprecedented rate. New platforms and platforms that specialise in specific subject matter are popping up everywhere. One of the newest ones to enter the market is Udemy, an online platform that allows people to create and share their courses on a wide range of topics. With over 44,000 courses, Udemy has become a one-stop shop for anyone looking to learn new things.

Udemy presents an opportunity to get the most out of a course and also polishes your skills to the best they can be. Most of the courses on Udemy are self-paced, meaning users can watch the lessons whenever they have time. Some of the most popular courses on Udemy include those on spa treatment and beauty. 

They even have a discount of 70% for first-time users. Give it a try! 

  • Skill Share 

Skillshare is a community that makes learning easier, more fun and more social. Explore Skillshare classes, curated by experts, that cover art, design, coding, entrepreneurship, and especially, beauty. 

Students share their skills and knowledge to help others. From teaching about how the hair spa works to perming to make-up to hairstyling to nail art, they are providing opportunities for people to learn new skills and have fun at the same time! 


So, these are the best professional beautician courses available online. You can go to their websites and choose a course which lures you enough. Let us know in the comments how the courses worked out for you. 

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  1. Which is best, Lakmé or VLCC?

Lakmé Salon is the most highly rated for Culture and VLCC is the most highly professional one.

2. Are there any free online courses for beauty to do?

Yes. The Glow and Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) offer many free online beauty courses and training. The list of courses includes a mix of the latest beauty treatments and therapies, along with some courses to polish your communication skills. 

3. Which one is better Orange or VLCC?

VLCC is better than Orange, as this is one of the renowned names in the industry. The institute provides you with ample placement options and you can yourself get placed after finishing the course with complete ease. 

4. What is the duration of all the courses? 

Mostly, the duration of such courses is 15 Days to 6 Months.

5. Top Job prospects of online professional beauty courses? 

Top job prospects in this field are nail Care artists, Hair Stylists, Assistant Hair artists, Makeup artists, Beauty therapists, Massage therapists and Bridal artists.

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