A hairstyle can change your look dramatically. Everything needs to be perfect on your wedding day and hair is definitely not an exception. It is important to make sure that your hair up do matches your outfit and makeup. There are a lot of options to choose from as well. From the most complicated to the most simple and elegant, here are a few wedding hairstyles trending in 2021.


the donut bun or tight bun with flowers to bring a pop of color.
source: Pinterest

This style, though simple, adds a ton of character to the look. It’s a classic choice with neatly pulled back hair in a donut bun. This hairstyle is accompanied by floral arrangements or even hair accessories that make it unique and helps it stand out. This wedding hairstyle was worn by the likes of Deepika Padukone as well.


long braid with juda, accessorized with jada and flowers.
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This look is a combination of a bun and braids. It is usually worn by south Indian brides by adding hair accessories and jewelry that give it a jaw-dropping look. It’s traditionally styled with a long piece of jewelry called jada that lays over the braid. It’s a stunning look and captures everyone’s attention. It is accompanied by gajras worn on the bun which gives it a dainty touch.


with strands framing the face, the side bun with dainty flowers to complete the look.
source: Pinterest

For this look, the bun is pulled to the side with a few loose strands left out to give it a more natural look. They help frame the face and make it look effortlessly chic. The other side could be styled by either a loose braid or even a French twist. This gives a very natural look and does not necessarily require flowers or accessories to help you rock it.


messy bun to go with a bohemian or chic theme, styled with a simple accessory as the look is loud enough in itself.
source: Pinterest

This style too has loose strands pulled out with an overall effortless look. It can be styled with a statement hairpin on top or a few flowers. Roses are a good choice as they stand out and only a few can do the trick. This look is perfect for brides chasing a bohemian theme and gives them enough freedom to customize it to their own liking.


The gajra is spiraled around a long braid and a maang tikka accessory.
source: Pinterest

A long braid is usually boring if not styled properly. An easy solution is, a monochromatic string of flowers, usually mogra, wrapped around the braid of a color that compliments the bride’s outfit. This string is wrapped around the braid and instantly elevates the bride’s look. It is also accompanied by a head piece called maang tikka and matha patti to balance the look.


puff hairstyle to bring volume to the hair. worn with a bun and strands to shape the face.
source: Pinterest

The hair puff among one of the most popular bridal hairstyles for weddings that not only requires skill to pull off well but also some flowers prevent the style for aging the bride. There are a lot of versions of this look too and gives brides enough room to customize it to their preferences. It can be worn with a bun or by leaving the hair open and can be secured by accessories like hairpins or clips that can add a bit of bling to the look.


low bun accessorized with flowers and styled for a classic look.
source: Pinterest

The low bun is a good hairstyle to go with if you are aiming for a youthful look. Leaving strands out to frame the face and adding the flowers that go with the outfit is a good way to take this look a step further. You can be creative and choose the flowers and color pattern to suit your look best. A few examples can be multicolored flowers lining the top of the bun, baby’s breath flowers on either side of the bun coming into bigger brighter flowers, strategically placing the flowers to run down on one side of the bun, and leaving the other side to be styled with either loose braids coming into the bun or French twirls, etc.


the elegant open hair look with bright flowers to match the lehenga.
source: Pinterest
half up, half down hairstyle with braided sides pulled back to frame the face and bring elegance to the look.
Source: Makeup by Neelu

Any brides that don’t want to deal with the hassles that come with a complex hairdo, can feel safe in this option. Like many others, it too gives the bride the option to style it the way she likes best. Loose braids and French twists are the go-to choices with simple accessories that bring dimension to the overall hairstyle.


a thick Dutch and fishtail braid styled with dainty hair pins to brighten up the hairstyle.
source: Pinterest

The braid that starts out as Dutch and flows into French, is one of the most elegant looks a bride can go for. Accompanied by a light puff and strands forming the face, it is a hit among brides. With the complexity of this hairstyle, it should be styled with small flowers like a baby’s breath that run down the center of the braid. To get the desired volume of this braid, brides are often required to wear extensions that bring life to the look. 


multicolored roses covering the bun styled with bridal lehenga to bring the wow factor.
source: Pinterest
orchids lining the otherwise simple bun to add a pop of color.
Source: Makeup By Neelu

Brides that go with lehengas that are not the standard red, often opt for a bouquet bun. The color choices are endless and can be pulled out by monochromatic or multicolored flowers put in a pattern. With the heavy flowers covering the back, brides should go for natural makeup with light headpieces and hair accessories. 

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