All of you might have heard about different range of hairstyles for women, but not men right? As we are moving forward men grooming is also gaining importance and it has become essential to gove it a proper limelight as well. Grooming shouldn’t be gender specific, everyone has a right to look good, and stunning.

If you are a man and wondering what casual hairstyles you can pick up on day to day basis, then you’ve come to the right place lad, we’ll be covering some casual hairstyles that men could slay.

Starting of with casual hairstyles in business

Business world has become huge with increasing industrialization and capitalist market, and if you are one of the office workmen, you must have been tried with going with same gelled up hair. Here’s some ideas for you:

classic side part

1. The classic side part

A very low maintenance yet stylish hairstyle for men to carry the best part about it is that it suits every hair type, way, straight and gives that smooth and polish look to your hair.

casual hairstyle for men

2. The 80s-90s slick back

This hairstyle had its time but still it works and helps you look confident in today’s office environment. Slick back is known for combing hair back while it’s still damp. The best part about tis hairstyle is that it gives you that clean and charming look.

casual hairstyle for men

3. Quiff

One of the most followed hairstyle is undoubtedly is quiff, it you have a good hairline and short side hair then this style is a plus for you.

casual hairstyle for men

4. Buzz cut

A very manly and tough look is what buzz cut is about, it has been inspired by military and many men in army get this done, but this cut isn’t restricted to the military space only many professionals get it done for serious and mature look, we would recommend to give this cut a try if this suits your face.

5. Clean shave

Go ahead with clean shave to keep it cool and fresh, it your features complements clean shave go with it! Clean shave has that confidence thing in it, for best results ask your barber for the ultra clean look. Clean shave gives more definition  to your face features and enhances it.

Casual hairstyles for different types of hair

Now let us classify the hairstyles on the basis of the length of your hair, for short, medum and long hair there is a variety of hairstyle that you could follow :

Starting off with hairstyle ranges for short length hair:

casual hairstyle for men

1. The Crew Cut

We begin with a classic of men’s short hairstyles, the crew cut. The crew cut is simple to maintain while remaining fashionable. It is especially effective on men with thick hair and a square face shape. The main difference between the crew cut and the military buzz cut that follows is that the crew cut allows for more styling options because your hair isn’t the same length everywhere.

casual hairstyle for men

2. Traditional Buzz Cut            

The buzz cut is a short and classic hairstyle that is simple to achieve but does not provide many styling options. It’s ideal if you have thick hair and want to emulate a rugged army look.

casual hairstyle for men

3. Traditional Combed Back With Fade

We’re now moving on to more sophisticated hairstyles. This is a more time-consuming look, but it looks great if you’re going to a black tie event. This looks best on people with thick hair and round faces.

4. Traditional Combed Back With Fade

We’re now moving on to more sophisticated hairstyles. This is a more time-consuming look, but it looks great if you’re going to a black tie event. This looks best on people with thick hair and round faces.

casual hairstyle for men

5. Fade on the Side Part

The side part fade is a classic look that works in any situation. It’s easy to keep up with every morning, but you’ll need to visit your hairdresser at least once a month to keep the side short.

Next moving onto medium length hair hairstyles:

casual hairstyle for men

1. Pompadour :

If you are a man reading this article there’s no way you don’t know about pompadour, this haircut is popular since many decades, you can interpret pompadour according to your own style.

2. Quiff:

We’ve already discussed this hairstyle, it’s basically a type of pompadour, but it has a broader concept.

casual hairstyle for men

3. Faux Hawk with undercut:

Faux hawk is very fresh and trendy style to carry along with clean undercut, but there’s no questioning you have to take care accordingly.

casual hairstyle for men

4. Medium length side part with low fade

There’s low fade effect on both sides of the head along with larger volume as it ascends towards hard part of the hair, it’s best for the short hair.

Last but not the least, we’ll be talking about long length hair styles:

casual hairstyle for men

5. Twist the bun

Most hairstyles for men with long hair are designed for those with longer locks, but this one can also work for those who are about to pull their locks into a ponytail. That’s exactly what it is: two sections, loosely divided and twisted, joined into a low pony, and then twirled in a quick sloppy knot. Allow the tips to protrude for a totally relaxed vibe.

casual hairstyle for men

6. Shoulder side section

This is one of the boys long hairstyles that will add a touch of maturity to an otherwise carefree vibe. It necessitates an indistinct deep side part with a large section of hair swept to one side. It fits in with the current trend of dishevelled hair.

casual hairstyle for men

7. Braid into a punk men’s hair bun

This is a very complex style that necessitates some personality. To begin, the hair is shaved into a V shape. The yarn is then worked into an inverted French braid from the bottom up. Finally, it’s tied back into a bun halfway up the head. It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it.

casual hairstyle for men

8. Braided bun with side undercut

This is the intersection of punk and hipster and hip-hop. If you have long hair with side undercuts, you can French braid several sections of it near the scalp. Pull the hair back into a classic high bun at the end.


1. What is the simplest hairstyle for men to maintain?

The buzz cut, crew cut, and taper cut are the low-maintenance haircuts. Each cut is short and easy to style, but it looks masculine and appealing on most face shapes.

How do I choose a men’s hairstyle?

The first step in determining which hairstyle is best for you is determining your face shape. Examine the illustration below and use a mirror to compare your face to the various male face shapes. If you can’t tell, there are more detailed instructions at the bottom of this article.

3. Is it simple for men to cut their hair?

If you pay attention and take your time, trimming a man’s hair is relatively simple. Hair-cutting scissors, electric clippers, or a combination of the two can be used. Inquire about how short he wants his hair, how evenly he wants it cut, and how he intends to style it afterwards.

4. How do you style your hair for business casual?

One of the advantages of working in a business casual environment is that your hair does not have to be perfectly styled. In fact, if your office isn’t too formal, a carefree, messy ponytail will be ideal. Just make sure to balance out your look with a cute blouse and makeup.

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