Choosing Right Salon for you: Men

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How should men choose a salon for themselves?
What factors should be considered to find a good salon for men?
Being a male and having less idea about salons and hairstyles, how should I go about choosing a right salon for me?
I am an engineering student and new in Delhi. Last week I went to salon for the first time in Delhi, I went to the market and entered the first salon I saw. It was a typical male’s salon not a fancy one but that is the type I go to. I took my usual service but did not feel as satisfied as I used to be at my regular salon back home. What should be my approach to find a better salon?

 We now live in a time when men have finally caught up with women as far as taking care of hair is concerned. Until only few years back, for men going to a salon meant going to get a haircut. Now the word haircut has been replaced by hairstyling. Men now have a variety of hairstyles and beard-styles to choose from as opposed to the traditional haircutting and clean shaving.

Since this fashion awareness has been acquired by men only recently, the sense and judgements regarding the same are still not in their nature. One such decision is choosing a stylist and a salon.

Choosing a style that compliments your face is still manageable but choosing a salon that would give you that style with the glamour you dream of is still a dilemma to most.
This dilemma is more prevalent among young lads and single men and as a result they just go to any salon within their sight. This is where they go wrong.

To take a right decision one must know all the constraints and impactful factors. Following is a list of factors one should consider:

The 3 R’s : Reviews,  Ratings and Reputation
People’s words never lose its value no matter what time and age we live in or what society or locality we reside in.
Asking the people you know is a trustable method.
For more accuracy, public opinions and reviews can be observed on the online platform of LOKACI. Salons are also rated by its customers on LOKACI’s review section.
It is true that not all salons are registered online.
But in current time, there are very few prominent and good quality salons that don’t have an online identity (thanks to Google maps). So relying on online database to check for these 3 R’s is not actually a bad option.
But it is obvious that the salons that are registered and reviewed online would have a greater customer base and prominence.

Salon charges are within your budget.
Exceeding your monetary limits is never a wise option, so choose a salon that suits your budget.

Salon Proficiency
Stylist is familiar with your hair and beard texture.
Not all stylists are skilled at working with all types of hair. This though is something that can be judged only after experiencing a service at that salon. Stylist should have enough knowledge about the variety of styles.

Quality of products used in the salon
The ill effects of poor quality beauty products are going go nowhere but on your hair. So it is advisable to keep an eye on the type of products used in a salon.

Never forget cleanliness!
Hygiene should never be underestimated; it is prevents pathogenic activities and gives pleasing view to the eyes. Preferring cleaner vicinity is a no brainer. Always make sure that the salon you chose maintains cleanliness.

The not-to-do list:

Going for cheapest salons
Don’t be a cheapskate. Going for extremely cheap salons will end you up with poor quality services more often than not.

Preferring shorter distanced salons over better quality salons
Don’t be lazy. Service quality must always be of the higher priority. If a good quality salon is within a manageable distance, then always choose it over your nearest salon.

Not caring about your style
Gone are the days when men did not care about their hair style. So don’t miss out. Skilled stylists are waiting to make you look even more awesome. It’s your style, get there.

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