Cosmetology courses in Noida

Noida. A hub of development. The epitome of development. A gracious example of development. Who would not want to visit this place and more so, study here? Noida is a bustling sensation of the youth and people from not just India, are coming and pursuing graduation or post-graduation from this very place. Close to all the hubs of IT and great placements, people love to come to Noida for direct placements in many of the companies. 

Cosmetology is one such area where this has excelled over and over in Noida. It would not be wrong to say that Noida has become the home of the journey of so many beginners towards the path to professional. Surprised? 

In this blog, we will walk you through all the Cosmetology courses in Noida and which among them, is the best.

Top Cosmetology Courses in Noida

  • Certificate Course in Cosmetology 

The Cosmetology Certificate is a short course of 1  to 3 months that teaches various subjects such as professional makeup, skincare, haircuts and colouring immediately after the program ends. 

The eligibility criteria for admission to the Cosmetology Certificate Program – must have passed 10th or 12th from an accredited institution. Some institutions also accept students who have passed the 8th standard. Admission is based on the principle of “first come, first served”. Admission is merit-based and multiple batches are allowed in an academic year. The Course fee ranges from 4000 INR to 20,000 INR while the average salary is 96000 INR to 3LPA. Top Recruiting Companies: Beauty Parlours, Spas, Salons and Hotels and Resorts. Job Positions: Makeup specialist, Hair Expert, Nail care specialist, Skincare specialist, Freelancer, etc. 

Cosmetology Certificate
  • Diploma Course in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is the application and research of cosmetology treatments. Those with a diploma can take beauty, hairdressing and nail care courses. Massage therapy is also considered part of cosmetology in some programs. 

 There are many benefits to getting a beauty diploma. You can meet various people through your work, so it’s perfect for people who like socialising. By improving your customer’s appearance, you can increase their confidence and always have the happy and happy customers who are most likely to return in the future. 

 There are many jobs that can be pursued with a degree in cosmetology. Many employment opportunities take place in salons and spas. You can become a hairdresser and cut, colour and style your hair. You can treat nails as a nail technician or pedicure, you can be a make-up artist or a seller of high-quality cosmetics. With additional courses in business, you can also branch open your own spa or cosmetology salon. 

Many of the beauty courses are hands-on training, but some courses may be completed online, giving you more flexibility. Contact the school you are interested in and ask questions about online training. Find the program below, fill out the lead form and contact the admissions office of your school of choice directly.

Cosmetology Diploma Certificate
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology

Cosmetic development represents an important breakthrough in the science of health and beauty. Major technological developments are already underway in this area, many of which have not yet arrived. At the same time, there is growing interest from customers looking for personalised cosmetic solutions. 

 Post Graduate School of Cosmetology Diploma provides students with the knowledge and expertise they need to become cosmetic surgery specialists.  follows a world-class curriculum, focuses on international guidelines, provides students with up-to-date education and develops them into highly competent professionals. 

 Cosmetology has emerged as a whole new field that has flourished at an astonishing rate in recent years both in India and abroad. 

 As a result, the demand for skilled workers in this field has increased. Cosmetics-trained specialists can count on a monthly starting salary of 50,000 for cosmetics setups.

Post Graduate Cosmetic School
  • Bachelors in Cosmetic Technology 

A bachelor’s degree is an introductory level for an undergraduate degree. Students often choose majors such as science or English. Bachelor’s degrees can also be obtained in practice-oriented fields, so students can get to work right away. 

The Bachelor of Cosmetology works closely with people to provide them with the opportunity to empower them through new expressive hairstyles. Graduates also have plenty of promotion opportunities as they may own their own salon at some point. Students also learn excellent business and management skills through coursework. 

The cost of the beauty program depends on the school you choose. Avid students can save money by completing the program in two years with evening and online classes. Before making a choice, students should conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the program meets all educational goals.  

After graduating from this course, students find jobs in many places. You can choose to work in the salon as a beautician, stylist or colourist. You can also do facials and manicures at the salon. Students outside the salon can also use it. Students can work with cosmetology and skin care products or at a funeral hall styling a recently deceased person. In addition, nail designers can work in the clinic of a dermatologist or podiatrist to provide a hygienic pedicures. 

Cosmetic Technology Practicals
  • Post Graduation in Cosmetic Technology 

Cosmetics is an area that helps people improve their appearance. This can be achieved by techniques applied to the body and skin. Beauticians learn about beauty treatments, cosmetics,  hair care and nail care. Master beauticians have more training and experience than regular beauticians, including knowledge from courses in anatomy, physiology, and business administration. Master beautician training usually prepares for a state licence exam. At the master’s level, students usually have some work experience in the field and need to continue their education to learn new beauty products and techniques. 

Opportunities are open for anyone with additional skills in bacteriology and economics who can offer a wide range of services. Prices and fees vary from school to school, so be sure to do a survey before sending your application to your preferred institution. 

Graduates will master chemical waves, orthodontics, haircuts, hair colouring, hair treatments, waxes, makeup, facial treatments and manicures. Hair stylists and hairdressers can be self-employed, rent space in the salon or work in an industry focused on appearances such as modelling and acting. Theatrical make-up artists and hairdressers are also graduates.

Post Graduation Classes of Cosmetic Technology

These are all the courses in Cosmetology available in Noida. Now, where can you study these courses in Noida from? The following are some academies which provide these courses;

  1. Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech
  2. Orane International School of Beauty & Wellness
  3. VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition
  4. MeriBindiya International Makeup Academy Noida
  5. Jawed Habib Academy Noida for Hair, Beauty & Make-up


These were the famous Cosmetology courses available in Noida. If you are looking forward to starting your career as a cosmetologist or you want to enhance your career by opting or going for higher studies in cosmetics, then, you can surely check out these courses and decide wisely.

Don’t want an offline course? Then don’t worry, you can even learn the same courses online at StyleLink and can become a certified cosmetologist. Check out the courses at StyleLink.


  1. Which course is best in cosmetology?

Ans- Diploma in Hairstylist, Diploma in Cosmetology and Management. Cosmetology Certificate Courses.

2. What is the scope of cosmetology?

Ans- A cosmetologist is an expert in makeup, skincare and beauty products. He or she provides beauty services that include cosmetic care for hair, skin and body.

3. How long is the course of a cosmetologist?

Ans- Certificate in Cosmetology is a short term, ranging from 1 month to 3 months, course teaching various topics like professional makeup, skincare, hair cutting and colouring etc.

The UnderGraduate Level Programme is a 3-year-long course, which also involves the same rigorous training and practice in various topics.

And, the PostGraduate Level Programme involves around 1-2 years of study and practice.

4. Is there any scope for cosmetology in India?

Ans- There is a wide scope in the profession of cosmetology in India and in other countries. Cosmetology is a promising career for youth because of advancements in lifestyle. 

5. What do cosmetologists study?

Ans- Cosmetology programs teach students how to apply makeup; administer facials and other beauty treatments; and care for different kinds of skin, hair, and nails. Students also learn the biology behind skin, hair, and nails, while also exploring the chemical processes of dyes, cosmetics, and herbal treatments.

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