Effects of Corona lockdown on salons in India?

COVID-19 has put the country to an unprecedented pause. Like many other sectors, Salon industry is put to a complete halt. Salons are waiting for this period to pass and hoping it will be as brief as possible.

The Salon Industry faces A Big Problem due to Corona Lockdown.

Salons have the potential to trigger community spread of Corona virus and there’s no assurance that the threat won’t come back after the lockdown. What does this mean? It means salons are placed among those facilities that will be allowed to open at the ‘last‘.

What will change in the salon market after the lockdown?

Even when salons will resume their services after the lockdown, the customers’ mindset won’t be the same as before. They will be more careful and selective about the salons they visit. Even a minor fault concerned with hygiene may end up in loss of customers.

And with the situation we have in hand right now, one must not make any errors as far as hygiene is concerned.

What is at stake for a Salon Owner during COVID-19 Pandemic?

Everylife in your salon is at risk. Your customers, your staff, stylists, beauticians, your locality, the manager and the salon owner.
Thus, the owner and manager of the salon bear the responsibility to make sure their salon is safe and make sure no life is at risk. Not in your salon!

What are the causes of virus spread in a salon?

🔴 Visitors, staff, customer coming from common spots and red zones.
🔴 Crowd in salon, especially in the waiting area.
🔴 Use of same common accessories like cutting sheet, scissors, comb etc.
🔴 Repetitive contact on repeatedly used things like card swipe machine, cash, reception desk.
🔴 Disruption of regular hygiene and cleanliness.

How to make your salon safe from Corona virus spread?

Sanitizer at the reception: Compulsory hand sanitization at the entry will prevent virus coming from outside visitors, customers.
Real-time appointment: Avoid crowd in your salon without losing any customer by online appointment system that lets your customer know when a chair is empty. This way no one will wait in the salon and get the service.
Clean cutting sheet for each customer: You should have enough sheets to manage a gentle wash after every service.
Sanitize the scissors and blades: Keep a soap solution. Take a bowl of it after every service. Dip the scissors, blades and other tool in the bowl of solution.
Use masks compulsorily: All the stylists, beauticians, salon staff must wear masks. It is already compulsory for those going out so customers will abide by it too.
Online payment: Accept UPI and online payments via PayTM, PhonePe, GooglePay, BharatPe and Lokaci Wallet. Avoid contact via cash or card swipe machine.

How to avoid crowd in your salon without losing customers to avoid Corona virus?

Real-time appointment helps you. This is how it all works:
⚡ The customers can see when a chair is empty in your salon and book at that time in the app.
⚡ The customers won’t sit in the salon waiting for their turn as the time of service is given in the app.
⚡ This way, customers will come right at the booked time.

How to let the customers know that your salon is safe from Corona virus spread?

Get qualified with Safe Tag : To help people find safety, many communities give ‘Virus Safe‘ tags to stores. If your salon is safe enough, why not apply to get all the safety tags available?
What makes you different? Upload it online: If you are using sanitizers on your reception desk, upload its pic. Never hesitate in sharing your work, it increases your presence.
Increase your online presence: Sign Up on all the salon portals that are free to register.

What is ‘Virus Safe’ tag for salons by Lokaci?

Lokaci provides ‘Virus Safe‘ tags to salons if they qualify the safety parameters as per WHO and promotes them online for the safety of the customers.

What are the benefits of ‘Virus Safe’ tag for salons by Lokaci?

✅ The ‘Virus Safe‘ tagged salons are specially promoted on all platforms.
✅ The salons are declared to be following WHO guidelines.
✅ Customers trust them as safe salons.
Free guide to help buy safety equipments.
Real-time appointment system to avoid crowd without losing any customers.
✅ Free help in coordinating with Government guidelines for salons.

Final Words

Customer’s and Salon staff’s safety should always come first. If you care about them, you are already providing a great value. So make sure to never compromise on the health issues.

Stay Safe!

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