Government Beautician Courses In India

We all want a government job at the end of the day. We want everything related to the government. So, whilst talking about the beauty courses, why not opt for a government course?  It may not be as hyped up as VLCC or Lakme ones but it sure has numerous benefits clutching it. 

Your guess was right! In this blog, we would introduce you to all the government beautician courses in India! Excited? Let’s start! 

Government Beautician Courses In India

The following are the government-issued beautician courses in India – 

  1. Free Diploma In Beautician course (By Government of India)

1) Free diploma of Indian government beauty course is completely free from the government. You cannot get a single penny from a candidate.

 2) Anyone can take this course, but please note that the age limit is 18 to 50 years old. 

3) Total course for this period – 1 year, excluding Sundays and holidays, the total course period is 10 months (874 hours). 

4) Each student must complete biometric attendance for at least 80%  of the total duration of the course. This is mandatory for all students. Only your presence is counted based on your bio-fingerprint. 

5) If for some reason the student is unable to complete  80% attendance, your admission card will not be issued to take your exam, you will be considered an irregular student and your registration will be cancelled. 

6) Each student must wear a uniform and ID card. 

7) You must show your Aadhar card or government ID, education qualifications, and passbook (with Aadhar link) to enrol. 

8) All students receive 50 rupees per day from the government for pocket money or travel expenses. 

9) Daily lessons last 4 hours. You have to attend your class  4 hours a day. Within those hours,  you can take a 2-hour theory class and a 2-hour practice class. There is a 30-minute break (Tiffin time) between the two lessons, and the lessons continue after the break. 

The placements it offers at the end of the course are – 

  • M.A.C
  • L’Oreal
  • Lakmé
  • Maybelline
  • NYX
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Colorbar
  • L.A. Girl
  • Avon
  • The Body Shop

2. Free Assistant Beauty Therapy Course

There are numerous assistant beauty therapy courses issued by the Government of India which are free of cost – 

  • Free Assistant Hair Stylist course (1-year Diploma) 

Assistant hair stylists shampoo and condition hair, blow dry hair, provide basic haircuts, and help stylists provide other advanced hair services. Individuals also help maintain the atmosphere of the salon and, after gaining their knowledge, perform various other missions at the salon, including selling retail products for the salon.  

  • Free Assistant Nail Technician course (1-year Diploma)

Assistant nail technicians perform a variety of tasks such as manicures and pedicures to assist nail technicians in providing advanced nail care services such as nail art, nail tips and nail enhancement.  Assistant nail technicians should be familiar with health safety and hygiene, cosmetology products, and a series of basic nail care courses for nail technicians. 

  • Free Assistant tattoo artist course (1-year Diploma)

Tattoo artist assistants need to know their skills, such as tattoo design, tattoo machine operation, and proper sterility techniques. It also helps tattoo artists apply permanent designs and maintain the Salon Ambience Assistant’s tattoo artist course. 

3. Free Assistant spa therapist course (1-year Diploma)

Just like beauty therapists, even spa therapists have similar courses related to it, issued by the government and thus, are free – 

  • Free Wellness neuro therapist course (1-year Diploma)

This professional role in the wellness subfield is responsible for providing rejuvenating massage and stress relief pressure techniques according to standard procedures. 

Wellness near therapists can work on the premises of Neurotherapy facilities or clients. Tasks include setting up workspaces, preparing materials, deploying clients, and performing the required steps as needed. The employer must follow the instructions of the senior in charge, including the Master or Senior Wellness Neurotherapist when performing the work and related procedures of the Wellness Neurotherapist course. 

You can get all these in the course, with a cherry on top of being free. 

  • Free Pedicurist and manicurist course (1-year diploma)

Pedicures and nail technicians clean, shape and polish the client’s fingernails and toenails. Pedicure and manicure courses require knowledge of pedicure and manicure techniques and services, health, safety and health, as well as a variety of related beauty products. 

Pedicure and manicure specialists should be familiar with pedicure and manicure services. The person needs to have good service direction and aptitude. He/She must have a pleasant personality, good interpersonal skills, communication skills, and be sensitive to customer interactions. Individuals must always maintain a neat and personal look and have good hand-eye coordination. The person needs to be friendly, witty and have a real interest in people when dealing with customers.

You will learn all this in a simple government-issued course available for free!

4. Free Senior Beauty Therapist Course 

A head beauty therapist is a professionally trained individual who specialises in facial and body cosmetology treatments. Senior beauty therapists advise, suggest, and perform a variety of tasks, including Skincare with facial electrotherapy, application of bridal makeup, and removal of unwanted hair with different services. 

This job requires individuals with experience in personal care and skin care treatments to efficiently and effectively provide a variety of beauty services in a safe and hygienic work environment. The person must have a pleasant personality, good interpersonal relationships and communication skills, and be sensitive in dealing with clients for physical and facial treatment. Individuals must always maintain a neat and personal look and have good hand-eye coordination. Individuals must be comfortable and clever when interacting with clients and need to have a real interest in people in the Senior Cosmetology Therapist course. 

5. Free Hairstylist course 

Hair stylists are professionally trained people who specialise in hair care treatments. Barbers perform a variety of tasks such as shampooing, trimming, cutting, blow-drying, colouring, and treating hair damage and repair. Hair stylists need to know how to keep the hair healthy and at the same time understand the intricacies of hair cutting and styling.  


These are the government-issued courses in India related to being a beautician, free of cost. Not only does this increase employment, but it also upskills the population as well. It also educated people into doing some work and left unemployment uprooted in the industry. 

We hope you found this blog useful and that you would like and share this with your friends and family. You are inquisitive about such blogs!

Stay tuned for more such information! 

Thank you.  


Q.1 Which course is best for beauticians?

Ans. The hairstyling course is the most popular among beautician courses.

Q.2 Is a beautician a good career in India?

Ans. Cosmetology has always been a good career option for people, who have got a sound aesthetic sense. Over the past 6 to 8 years, the beauty industry of the Indian Republic has witnessed a rapid expansion.

Q.3 How many years is a beauty course?

Ans. These can range from 19 to 43 weeks in duration. 

Q.4 What is the scope of a beautician?

Ans. Beautician responsibilities include removing hair, recommending skin care therapies and managing client appointments. You should be well-versed in beauty treatments, including hairstyling, makeup, facials, hair removal, manicures and pedicures. 

Q.5 Is being a beautician hard?

Ans. A typical cosmetologist job description doesn’t always include emotional tasks and social risks. Cosmetologists have to be friendly and patient with all types of customers, even the difficult and surly ones. They must pay attention to what clients want in a haircut, style or treatment to cultivate repeat customers. 


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