There are numerous ways to learn how to do makeup, whether for a career or to do your makeup on a daily basis. Because of covid-19, online courses have grown in popularity, but they also have numerous advantages.

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If you want to learn how to do makeup solely through online tutorials, try these:

1.Makeup classes online

You can either enrol in an institution or learn makeup using courser or udemy. For the former, consider the Lakme Academy, which offers online makeup courses for a fee. With the latter, there are many free courses available, which you can try out before purchasing a paid course and gaining certification.

how to learn makeup online

2. Online diploma/certificate programme

Again, if you want to gain certification and add it to your resume, consider taking an online course whose certification has a high market value. There is a pool of courses that provide certification, but selecting the right fish is your responsibility.

3. Articles and blogs

You can get help from various blogs available online, which provide go-to makeup guides, makeup mistakes to avoid, trendy eye looks, and much more. These are extremely useful for those who want to learn makeup online and avoid mistakes at all costs.

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4. Follow Makeup Pages

Following makeup pages on social media is also beneficial because they provide you with many makeup hacks and go-to guides in a short period of time. A one-minute video or a caption of 500 words can help you get ready to try new looks. Furthermore, they provide many tips and new creative ideas for makeup looks for everyday and special occasions.

how to learn makeup online

5. Attend Seminars

Another thing to consider is attending online workshops. You can attend free or even paid workshops online and learn from the professionals themselves, which will give you exposure and increase your certificate count. Furthermore, these workshops may have attendees who are eager to learn just like you, allowing you to share your experience and learn from your peers.


1. Is it possible to learn makeup online?

You can study online while staying at home. The faculty, curriculum, and experience remain unchanged.

2. How does one go about becoming a professional makeup artist?

1.Enroll in a Cosmetology School Makeup Program.

2.Create a portfolio of makeup photos and other visuals.

3.Make friends with your clients and hairstylists.

4.Connect with Others in the Makeup Industry.

5.Become acquainted with new makeup styles and trends.

3. How long does it take to learn how to apply makeup?

They are typically taught as part of a cosmetology school’s curriculum. If you attend school full-time, becoming a licenced cosmetologist can take about eight months. If you decide to attend school part-time, the programme could last up to two years.

4. Are makeup classes worthwhile?

Furthermore, when you take a makeup lesson in person, you can truly understand and see how to do each technique on yourself with guidance. No more attempting to figure out how to apply that type of eyeshadow or contour with a cream or powder without looking like you went to a bad tanning salon.

5. What are the fundamentals of makeup?

Color, skin tones and textures, contour, colour matching, contrast, and shading are the foundations of makeup. The very first thing any makeup artist should become acquainted with when learning to do makeup is skin tones. Because there is no perfect match, you will frequently have to mix colours to find the right one.

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