How Lokaci helps in finding the Best Stylist?

What is Lokaci? 

Lokaci is a real-time salon booking appointment platform for customers. Along with that, it is a platform serving the needs of salons and helping them sustain and grow their business. Lokaci acts as a mediator between salons and customers. So it is beneficial for both parties. It is India’s best salon software which is free.

Finding the best hairstylist can be really daunting sometimes, but don’t worry Lokaci has got you covered.  The Lokaci app not only provides you with the best salons near you but also helps you go to the best hairstylist. So, let’s get into the process

How Lokaci Help in finding the best Stylist 

1. Login:  

The moment you open the Lokaci app, a login window appears in front of you. Fill in the credentials and go forward. 

Lokaci App, finding best hair stylist

2. Home Screen:

The next window is the Home page of the Lokaci App which shows all salon options for men, women, students, deals of the day and several combo services.

To find the best hair stylist and hair style, click on Trending

Lokaci App, trending hair styles and best hair stylists

3. Trending Page

This page shows all the trending and best hair stylists and hairstyles for you to try on.

The Trending page also has a slider for ease in switching between trending and best hair stylists and hairstyles

Trending hair stylists and best hair styles on Lokaci App

You can easily switch from Stylists to Styles using the slider at the bottom of the Trending page

Trending hair styles on Lokaci App

3. Sorting and Filters

The Lokaci App allows to sort best hair styles and best hair stylists

best hair styles and trending hair stylists on Lokaci App

Similarly Filters can also be added to get personalized options

Best hair styles

It also allows to search for specific hair stylists and hairstyles in the search box at the top.

Lokaci App

4. Choosing best hair stylist

Choose the best hairstylist and click on their profile to read about the services offered by them.

Best hair stylists

Guess What! You can read about people’s Reviews as well at the bottom of each hair stylist’s profile.

Best hairstylist

5. Book Now

Click on Book to book the hairstylist and there you go without having to wait for hours in line at Salons to get the perfect haircut from the best hairstylists 😉

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