How to choose the best hairstyle for your face shape?

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. Hairstyles are also an essential part of your first impression. People feel that any hairstyle is fine for them and most of the time it make them look terrible. To have a perfect looking hairstyle you must go with the hairstyles which are best for your face shape. To not considering your face shape is the big mistake which you are making while having a haircut.

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How to identify your face shape to get perfect hairstyle?

To select a perfect hairstyle you must know your face shape whether it is- Round, Oval, Square, Triangle. There are many face shape other than these but these are most common face shapes.

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Hairstyle for round faces.

If you are round face shaped person you should look to add length to your hair, always try to keep the top portion of hair little bit longer. You should try to go for sharp corners and you can also use hair-products which add a little bit of sharpness to your hair. People with round face shape can avoid round corners and can also avoid messy and sloppy hair

Hairstyles for round face shape men.

Recommended haircuts for round face shape.

Fade cut pomp style.

Fade cut style up.

Round face shape hairstyle .Lokaci Blog

Hairstyle for oval faces

Oval face shape is the most common and versatile shape. People with oval face shape must expose their forehead. A little bit of structure and sharpness will really look good.

If you have a oval face shape you should avoid fringes. It doesn’t go with your looks.

Hairstyle for oval face shape. Different hairstyles which suits oval face shape men.

Recommended haircuts for oval shape face

Fade cut pomp style

Classic cut brushed back

Fade cut quiff style

Image for Oval face haiirstyle.

Hairstyle for square faces

If you are a square face man you are really lucky. Basically, the square face seems more manly and attractive. You can balance the structure of the face with the roundness of your haircut. Round corners will look really good on you. Add some length on top. A complete buzz cuts suit a square shape face.

You can avoid hair products that add sharpness. You should also avoid sharp edges and disconnections which is a sudden difference in hair length.

Hairstyle for square faces. Crew aka Buzz cut, Undercut, Slicked Back Side part, Faux Hawk

  Recommended haircuts for square shape face

 Buzz cut

High fade cut quiff style

Textured side part

hairstyle for square face shape.

Hairstyle for triangle face

Triangular face shape is not so common. But people with triangle face shape should expose their forehead, Fades on the side really work for them and they can also have high length on top. Men having a triangular face should not use buzz because it doesn’t go well with this face shape.

Hairstyle for triangular face shape. Fringe Up, Side Fringe, Side Parted

Recommended haircuts for triangular shape face

Swept across

Textured quiff

Mid fade with fringe

Hairstyle for triangular face shape

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