How to establish salon etiquettes and rules?

We often bash the French for their aristocratic ways and overrated ‘etiquettes’ and manners. But in the Salon business, these are the two things one should swear by. While providing certain services, it is necessary for one to behave with the customer’s satisfaction and affirmation.
Remember your days as a child and your parents taught you how to behave in front of different people. How to greet elders and interact with people younger than you. In the same way, salon staff needs to know the discipline and the ways to interact with their customers in every situation.
In this business especially, you will get all kinds of customers. The bickering kinds, the shouting kinds, the silent kinds, the taunt kinds, the funny kinds and many others. But you and your staff need to maintain a decorum similar to that of the 5-star hotel staff.
It can be a difficult ordeal to handle and thus, we are here to aid you. In this blog, we would walk you through the pointers on how to establish Salon etiquette and rules.

Why Salon Etiquettes?

If you are the owner of the salon, then you automatically become responsible for every mishap which happens in your salon. Salon treatments are a business which is fixated on faith. Faith in the professional doing your treatment. Customers come in, instilled with that faith in them and when they are not satisfied with the work, the faith is shattered. You will be paid but you will have lost a customer. These cases happen in every salon. When you train new ones, they make mistakes, and sometimes even professionals do. What is important is to keep your calm after that. No matter how the customer acts, the staff must never react.
Thus, certain etiquettes have been created for general use so that customers can have a holistically perfect experience in your salon, adding up to your sales.

Salon Etiquette Rules

How to establish Salon Etiquette and Rules?

You can establish discipline and etiquette in your salon in the following ways;

Sense of Hospitality:

Try to recruit professionals who have a sense of hospitality and see criticism as an opportunity to improve. Hospitality is the most important element when you are providing services at a greater scale. Try establishing the sense of hospitality by keeping the air of the salon uptight. Educate the employees while their training procedure persists.

Polite Environment:

Try creating a polite environment in your workplace salon. Keep certain ground rules and one strict professional who looks over the indiscipline. Encourage everyone to maintain a polite and positive environment around the salon and the customers.

Basic Etiquette:

In this type of job, like many others, customers have certain expectations from you. As they are the ones paying, it is your and your staff’s duty to provide them with the best experience they could get. Accommodate them as politely as possible and make them satisfied with your services to the full extent.

Attire rules:

Establish a uniform code in your salon. Uniform attire is essential in a working space as well as in a salon. Encourage your employees to wear bright colours as they give out friendly vibes. ALWAYS wear a smile and never wear gaudy necklaces or jewellery while working as they might hinder your work and the customer might be irritated as well.

Conversational Etiquette:

In order to make the customers comfortable, talk to them to warm up the beginning, and ask about their work and hobbies. Do not use an inappropriate tone though. Even though you are talking to them, never turn it into gossip, especially about the co-workers or the salon. Be a good listener while doing your work. Never overshare about your own problems. Let the customer talk first. Avoid using controversial and sensitive topics, stay on the general side. Use the language the client might understand and speak softly.


If you work in a salon, be careful about how you smell or look. No one likes to get treated by shabby people. The customer will expect you to be an expert in style. Wash your hands appropriately and stay hygienic as you are handling many customers. Especially in this pandemic times, beware of all kinds of unhygienic habits.


Whether you are the owner of a salon or a worker, professionalism must be followed at all costs. Be on time, and value the customer’s time. Being late would not give a bad impression on the customer. Especially for hairstylists, give undivided attention to them and try to put their hair closest to what they want. Never use your cell phone in front of clients. It hinders their interest and brings down their faith in you. Try to build up your own clientele highly. And never run away from a difficult haircut or a procedure asked by the client. Take it as a challenge.

Environmental Cleanliness:

Not only the professionals, but the environment must be client-friendly too. Clean the floor and surroundings after every client. This will create a good impression on the customers. Not only the surroundings but clean the equipment used as well. Being efficient in these, you may get great tips.


Thus, these were the etiquettes and rules necessary to be established in a salon. You can keep them in practice and encourage your co-workers to follow the same. In order to scale in business terms and make ‘good’ money as well as reaching up in your clientele, these measures are crucial.
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Q.1 What if a website is spamming our name?
Ans. Try increasing your local clientele and then give you reviews on Google. If a fraud website is spamming your name, report it. Let people know the real services you give.

Q.2 A client asked me to do a feather cut, but I am not an expert in it. Should I do it?
Ans. Hear out what the client needs and then give your own style of advice. If you do not know a certain style, be honest about it and tell them. They would appreciate the honesty rather than you playing goof with their hair. Once said, the customer will have clarity of what to expect from the haircut.

Q.3 I heard my co-worker speak rudely to a client but he is a professional, the senior-most in the salon. What should I do?
Ans. Even if he is a professional and has a load amount of clientele, his customers would start falling down if he is rude to the customer. The client would prefer not to come to the salon for this behavior and slowly he would fall out of clients. Never appreciate this behaviour and stand up to it. Let him know politely how to act with a customer.

Q.4 Can the salon have equal clientele even if one professional is rude?
Ans. Yes, sometimes it is possible. As often there are multiple professionals in a salon and if one professional is rude, the clientele would fall on the other one. It is very much possible for the salon to not lose clientele, but the professional might.

Q.5 Why do we always need to smell good while treating a customer?
Ans. Some people are sensitive to smell. It is necessary to make everyone feel comfortable and stay on the safe side by smelling good.

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