How To Find Your First Salon Job?

Finding a first job can be difficult. The interviews, the training sessions, the adjustments, everything cumulates to become a bunch of great stress. Especially in the beauty industry. There seems to be a lot of competition, a lot of professionals, all better than the other. This is a thriving industry, sustainability sounds to be a foreign concept. But you can create a stand for yourself in the soils of the beauty industry and earn huge amounts of bucks as well! 

What to know how? Read this blog further if you want to know how to find your first salon job. 

Steps To Find Your First Salon Job

Follow these steps to ace the game like a pro – 

  • Be confident about your skills 

Are you challenging your game? Good employers will require you to perform test services with the models they observe and analyse. A nifty employer chooses models and services to test how they work under pressure. So if you think you’re trying to interview a model you’re familiar with and create a cut that can be summarised in one science, you may be shocked. (Be especially prepared when applying for  a high-end institution.) 

 If you are not 100% confident, or if you think you will benefit from increasing your confidence, take a hands-on review or continuing education course. Please take it.

  • A pretty portfolio speaks for itself 

It doesn’t have to be a huge portfolio and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Find TF shoots nearby on your stylist, nail technician, MUA, or creative networking site. Make sure the makeup artist is in place. Send a message to the photographer asking if you want to use your service for shooting. 

To build a portfolio, you won’t get the currency paid for TF shoots, but you will get discs of images. Some photographers will take it a step further and give you some retouched prints as well.

You can also create an online portfolio. Why do you need to distinguish between personal and professional Instagram accounts and Pinterest accounts? Mixing individuals and professionals can blur lines and cause problems. For example, recruitment managers don’t care about their last beach vacation or what they eat or drink at their favourite restaurant. However, they are interested in seeing your work, especially in the form of front and back photos, so make sure you have a lot of photos on your public social media account.

  • Have a clean web search 

It usually does not happen much in India, but as an international aspect, employers may search you up on the web. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing everything right. If your potential employer searches you on the internet and finds something that isn’t professional or flattering, you’re gone. This is not about learning how to make better use of your privacy settings. The point here is to completely erase all suspicious things related to you from the internet.

  • Do your homework 

Have a background check on the salon which you are applying for. Know anything and everything about it. 

You also need to pay attention to what the client has to say about the salon. Read reviews (Yelp, Google, social media comments) to get an unfiltered understanding of what your salon environment looks like based on real customer reactions. 

 No business is unaffected by occasional one- or two-star reviews, but a business that has accumulated an unusually large number of bad reviews may indicate a serious problem with how the salon operates, especially if you get in. 

  • Show your eagerness to learn 

The most successful cosmetologists are dedicated to lifelong learning. After all, styles and trends change. New products and innovations are constantly being worked on. It’s your job to keep it up to date. And when you talk about your interest in expanding your knowledge base, you will impress your employer. 

The absolute best skill we want is that you want to learn, try new things, and forgive mistakes. With these three things, we have been incredibly successful. If someone isn’t interested in this way of working, we won’t work. 

 Remember, when you just graduated from cosmetology school, no one expects you to know everything. As long as you show that you are eager to learn, it’s okay to admit that you don’t know many things. 

  • Training Expectations 

As a new entrant, you need to schedule 6 months, 12 months, and even 18 months as a temporary employee. It is expected that you will learn not only the culture, mission and values ​​of the salon but also skills such as consulting, cutting techniques and colour theory regarding the colour brand of the salon. Performance is evaluated as you master the levels of each program. As your skills develop and advance to the level of the program, you may be paired with an experienced stylist to guide you. 

Please note that during this training, your client does not exist and you may become an hourly employee. Ask yourself if you can afford to work in a salon with a program of 18 months or more. Long-term benefits may not be sufficient to outweigh the short-term economic impact. 

 Your rewards for this investment are reward and benefits packages, education, paid leave, and a place to be confident and part of the team. Don’t think of a training program as “paying a membership fee”. Think of it as an investment in the future.

  • Interviews 

Knowing how to get dressed for a job interview requires a bit of supervision. Please visit the salon and look around before the interview. How does the creative team get dressed? How are your customers dressed? 

 You want your clothes to match the salon. However, if the salon is very casual and the stylist is wearing jeans, play safely. You want to treat your interview with the respect you deserve. Jeans aren’t the right outfit, but long-top black trousers and a great shoe jacket may be a perfect balance. 

  1. Make sure your clothes are neat and clean. 
  2. The nails need to be reapplied. 
  3. Your hair should reflect both your style and the aesthetics of the salon. 
  4. Makeup is important. Cosmetology is a head-to-toe business. Balance the image you want to show with the amount you wear or the amount you wear. 
  5. Physical presentations are very important, but preparing for interview questions is also important. Find out about the brands that salons carry, including colour lines. 

6. Prepare for basic interview questions such as “Why do you want to work here?”
Mock interviews with colleagues and teachers make it more comfortable to discuss
your benefits and how they can help you organise your salon. 

7. Think short-term and long-term. Be prepared when asked, “Where do you want to
go in five years?” Salons make a large investment in your education and don’t want
their investment to reverse and you leave. Make sure they know you are ready to
work, learn, and grow hard. It’s important to look and answer questions, but it’s
also important to be yourself. Don’t impersonate someone who isn’t you. It’s
unsustainable. Do your best and be confident. It reveals a good fit.


This is how you can find your first salon job without much hustle. Just follow these steps and be confident enough in front of the recruiters! We hope you will ace it. 

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Thank you. 


  1. What is the best way for a salon to make a good first impression?

Stand tall, make eye contact and greet with a firm handshake. Always project confidence in your ability. 

2. First impression examples? 

Your body language, eye contact, tone of voice, and ability to listen to others all make you a great communicator. A warm smile and the ability to give sincere compliments go a long way in endearing others. These are all examples of first impressions that are impactful and memorable. 

3. Does a salon have to fit in one’s culture too? 

Once you understand the training expectations and the compensation structure it is critical to evaluate whether a salon is a good fit for your personality, values and lifestyle.

4. Is it good if I have an online website? 

A website is not required of you or expected, but it does make you look extremely legitimate compared to other applicants. It shows dedication and superior initiative. It also lets your potential employer know that you are proactive about attracting your clients.

5. What should I mention in my notable achievements? 

If you’ve won competitions or awards, run charity fundraisers, and positively contributed to a workplace to change that workplace for the better, list those things!

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