How to Hire Salon Staff?

Owning and running a salon requires a good management system. Over the years, the salon business has thrived. The demand for the services of a stylist or cosmetologist has increased tremendously. But in an unorganized sector like a salon, the level of risks and challenges is more as compared to an organized industry. Challenges in hiring staff, staff training, choosing the right products, staff motivation, payroll management, high employee resignation rate, etc. We will try to provide a solution to all your employee/staff-related questions. Currently, the problems faced by non-chain salons in hiring new staff are: 

  • Spending a lot of time finding the candidate because of lack of proper channel.
  • Candidates coming for interview don’t meet their requirements since there is no body in between the candidates and recruiting salons to regulate the process.
  • Hired candidates leave the job in between without further notice.
  • Getting calls and walk in interviews without any notice thus hampering the business work hours.
  • Need to call and schedule interview with the stylist and this again costs huge money, time and effort to the salon.

Options to Hire Staff

Apart from the conventional ways of getting staff recommended from family and friends, posting job vacancies on WhatsApp and FB groups, we have come up with slightly different options, which are trustworthy and less time-consuming.

Option 1: Using Salon software

Expertise, certification, and skills of the staff matter a lot, but a critical evaluation of a candidate’s communication skills, personality, and work ethic as well. Set a clear job description to ensure that the right talent is attracted. It is so because the job description you write for the job posting has the potential to make or break the beauty salon hiring process. 

Include a job title, main requirements, preferred skills, experience, and the salary for the position. Then, post the job description online, on your salon window, and get the right person.

How can Lokaci help you recruit new employees?

Lokaci, through its online portal, allows salons to hire the best staff. 

Step 1: Go to the portal Stylelink. Here

Recruiting new employees through salon software- Lokaci

Step 2: Choose if you are posting a job or applying for a job.

Hiring new employees, attracting talent for salon - Lokaci

Step 3: Proceed accordingly! Register yourself in the next window.

Step 4: Specify your needs and accordingly we’ll provide you with the staff or get you placed. 

Step 5: Once interested candidates get in touch with you, take Interview/Demo & Hire!

Why use Lokaci, a salon software to hire staff?

  1. Verified staff: Lokaci is India’s best salon software dedicated to helping the Beauty & Salon Industry. We aim to help you in your day-to-day work and expand your business. We ensure that the candidates we refer are verified staff only. All the salon details are kept transparent with the job seekers. Therefore, the best talent is attracted in minimum time.
  2. Staff Management: The software keeps a record of the staff at your salon, allowing you to know their work contribution. The app makes staff management much easier by providing the option to hire more employees through it. Thus allowing management of existing workers and building an efficient workforce.
  3. Time saving: Once you have posted the job the job vacancy, you would soon be notified about the suitable candidates within a week.
  4. Single platform- StyleLink:
    • Saves a lot of time in finding the right candidate without any hustle.
    • Candidates coming for interview meet their requirements since Lokaci acts as a regulating body in between the candidates and recruiting salons to keep a check on the application.
    • Calls and walk in interviews are set on a prior notice thus not hampering the business work hours.

Option 2:

Networking events, trade shows, and workshops are a great place to look for fresh talent. Cosmetology schools are another way to hunt for hiring new employees. Graduates are willing to learn work so they can be hired more easily but be sure to give them proper training to ensure that their inexperience doesn’t come as a hurdle.

Hire Employees or Use a Staffing Agency(salon software ) to ease hiring - Lokaci
Source: Timesheets


What is Lokaci?

Lokaci is a real-time salon booking appointment platform for customers. Along with that, it is a platform serving the needs of salons and helping them sustain and grow their business. Lokaci acts as a mediator between salons and customers. So it is beneficial for both parties. It is India’s best salon software which is free.

What is salon software?

Salon software, a digital application that is developed to help salon owners and independent styling professionals manage their day-to-day operations and grow their business by keeping client and business records and streamlines, providing secure customer data storage and the list continues. Read more about it HERE.

What staff is required for a beauty salon?

It depends on each salon. Depending on the requirement, you may need to have a senior hairstylist, senior Beautician, pedicurist, makeup Artist, salon Manager, hair director, front desk, etc

What is the best way to hire employees?

Staff recommended from family and friends, posting job vacancies on WhatsApp and FB groups, using salon software, and getting staff from networking events, trade shows, workshops, and Cosmetology schools are a great place to look for hiring talent.

Among all, salon software: Lokaci is the best and most credible source to hire staff because it follows certain standards in verifying the candidate’s credibility, is easy in staff management, and saves a lot of time.

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