Hygiene tips before having a hair cut

Salon hygiene is the factor which both customer and salon staffs should keep in mind. There are some basic hygiene points which people miss out while having a haircut and which can cause many problems.

Clothes used should be neat and clean

Must keep in mind that clothes or towel which salon professionals are using to clean your face should be clean or new.

Clean towel at salons

Salon floor and furniture should be clean

         Appearance really matters a lot. Parlour should look clean and smells good. Also, keep in mind that the chair and furniture on which you are sitting is dust-free. If not then must mention it to salon staff.

Beautiful Lokaci Salons

Scissors and blades must be sterilized or new

Must be aware that scissors which are used by salon professionals are disinfected or sterilized and blades must be new. Never use used blades, it can cause infections on your skin.

Sterilized Utensils

Never use expired products

Must watch the expiry date and date of manufacture of any product which your salon professional is applying on you. Avoid using old products and never ever use expired products. Expire products can cause rashes, skin infection and expire hair products can also damage your hair which leads to hair fall.

Salon Products

Ungroomed professional is a big No

Your hair designer should also be neat and clean and well-groomed. Tell him to clean their hands before giving the service to you.

Salon Professionals


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