Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, common facilities have become unsafe. Visiting a salon too is highly risky, you might get infected. It can even trigger community spread.
This threat has affected the salon industry very severely and innovation is needed to counter it.
As a solution, Lokaci introduces a new category of safe salons with a ‘Sanitized Salon’ tag.

With Sanitized Salon Tags, user can very easily find out the salons in the vicinity that following the safe practices to avoid Corona virus.
As you can seen in the image, the tagged salons will be specially highlighted with a label and special card style in the Lokaci app.

Sanitized Salon Tags marked on Lokaci App

What are the ‘Safe’ Salons ?

A salon that follows hygienic practices, protective measure and distancing to ensuring no healthy person gets infected with Corona virus inside the salon premises is called a ‘Safe’ Salon.

How do ‘Safe’ Salons counter the Corona virus threat?

The ‘Safe’ Salons use methods to follow three principles:
Distancing: Outside of service, Zero contact and Proper distance is maintained between all the personnels be it customer or staff.
Tool Sanitization: All the equipments and accessories are sanitized for every new service.
Infra Hygiene: Regular cleanliness is maintained inside the salon premises.

What are the qualifications to get the ‘Safe’ Salon tag?

⭐ Sanitizer at the reception: Compulsory hand sanitization at the entry will prevent virus coming from outside visitors, customers.
⭐ Real-time appointment: Avoid crowd in your salon without losing any customer by online appointment system that lets your customer know when a chair is empty. This way no one will wait in the salon and get the service.
⭐ Clean cutting sheet for each customer: You should have enough sheets to manage a gentle wash after every service.
⭐ Sanitize the scissors and blades: Keep a soap solution. Take a bowl of it after every service. Dip the scissors, blades and other tool in the bowl of solution.
⭐ Use masks compulsorily: All the stylists, beauticians, salon staff must wear masks. It is already compulsory for those going out so customers will abide by it too.
⭐ Online payment: Accept UPI and online payments via PayTM, PhonePe, GooglePay, BharatPe and Lokaci Wallet. Avoid contact via cash or card swipe machine.

What are the charges to get ‘Safe’ Salon tag ?

Getting a ‘Safe’ Salon tag is free of cost. It is an effort to make salons safe for the public.

Do I have to pay to get ‘Safe’ Salon tag?

You only pay for the salon items like Sanitizers and Masks. The guidance is free of cost, so you can call Team Lokaci for help.

How to get the ‘Safe’ Salon tag?

If you don’t match the qualifications, contact us here and we will guide you to make your salon safe from Corona Virus.
If your salon matches the qualifications of ‘Safe’ Salon tag, you can contact us to get awarded with the tag.

What are the benefits of ‘Safe’ Salon tag?

✅ The ‘Virus Safe‘ tagged salons are specially promoted on all platforms.
✅ The salons are declared to be following WHO guidelines.
✅ Customers trust them as safe salons.
✅ Free guide to help buy safety equipments.
✅ Real-time appointment system to avoid crowd without losing any customers.
✅ Free help in coordinating with Government guidelines for salons.

What is ‘Safe’ Salon kit?

‘Safe’ Salon kit is the set items that are required to make a salon safe from corona by getting the ;Safe’ Salon tag.

How to get the ‘Safe’ Salon kit?

You can make the ‘Safe’ Salon kit on your own by arranging required items by yourself. How? Contact team Lokaci here for free guidance. You can also pre-order the kit and we will provide you the entire kit.

Sanitized Salons Are the Need of the Time

But salons are not just luxurious facilities, they are one of the fundamental requirements of life to a civilised living, ofcourse right after very basic needs like food, shelter, hygiene. We won’t be able to live without them for long.