How to take care of Long Hair?

Long Hair Care for Women

Frequently asked questions:
How to maintain healthy, thick long hair?
How do Women maintain their long shiny hair?
What are household tips to take care of long hair?
Should we comb long hair when wet?

Long hair care tips

Long hair needs more care than shorter hair. Here are some tips that will help you make your hair strong, beautiful and healthy.

Comb carefully

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Comb your hair carefully especially when you have long hair. First, comb your end hair this trick will help you in an easy hair comb. That doesn’t damage your hair fall your hair.

Use hairband that doesn’t pull at the root

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Always use a loose hair band that doesn’t pull your hair root. Use plastic hairband doesn’t pull your hair from the root and this is good for all type of hair.

Don’t use the towel to dry hair

Don't use towel to dry hair

Don’t use a towel on your wet hair to dry them an instant of this use any old t-shirt. If you keep using the towel this will make your hair weak from rook and its not good sign to your hair.

Don’t overwash your hair

Hair Washing tips

wash your hair thrice in a week or you can use dry shampoo instant of washing your hair regularly. If you have oily scalp and don’t want daily hair wash than must use dry shampoo.

Skip brushing when they are wet

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Don’t brush your hair when they are wet if you comb your wet hair your hair will

Get regular trims

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Those with long hair need to be particularly careful when it’s come to split ends, which can cause hair to appear thinner. Go to the salon in every 4 to 6 week for trimming.

Do hair massage regularly

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Do hair massage regularly. Massage will help you in hair growth, and make your hair strong from root and hair will not easily damage.

Use conditioner every time when you do shampoo

Conditioner Shampoo

Do conditioner every time after shampoo. Conditioner will make your hair smooth and shiny and doesn’t make your hair freezy.

Use wide-toothed comb

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After shampoo dries your hair and always use a wide-toothed comb.

Choose the right product for your hair

Top hair products for women

Always remember before buying any hair product for your hair that they will perfect for your hair if you choose differently for your hair this decision will directly affect your hair so always choose the right product

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