Online Salon Appointments Booking Software – A Guide

‘You should have taken an appointment, Mam.’

A lot of times we have heard this from the receptionist of the salon when we go for an impromptu haircut. Having to call the salon for haircuts or other treatments can have many backdrops. The line can be busy, they could forget, that many loopholes are present in this system and a scaling business salon cannot have this kind of system for long-term prospects.
At the time of the pandemic, when one could not go to a salon, this process came of no use. It was a challenge to go to a salon. Growing technology and new start-ups have flipped this side of the obstacle.
In this blog, we will take a look at how Salon booking software has changed the lives of many and what are the perks of having it.

What is a Salon Booking Software?

Salon booking software is a program that provides salon owners with the tools they need to manage their business efficiently. Most commonly, salon booking software is used to book appointments, make appointments, and manage clients. The software can also be used to send reminders, and keep track of payments and other account information. Some salon booking software can also be used to manage staff, schedule services, and market a business to potential new clients.

Learn it from the King

Urban Company, previously known as Urban Clap, is among the leading start-ups in India that have witnessed a high rise in its customer base in recent years, pan India. They provide services at home, with just one tap on your mobile screen. Salon, Furniture, Plumbing, and any kind of service are given by this app. It is available in 30 cities in India — Agra, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Delhi NCR, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Vadodara, and so on — and 4 International markets — Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore.
It was first released in November 2014. The company’s major goal is to enable millions of professionals around the world to provide services at home as they’ve never seen before. Three young minds, Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Raghav Chandra, and Varun Khaitan, came up with this brilliant idea. This was their second time trying to create a company.
They made it easy for the general public to able to get their services. Their booking software is the easiest. A person has to book a salon appointment, press confirms, and in the next hour, the professional is standing in front of you, with a bag full of equipment. Indeed. Urban Company has played a monopoly card in the market.
Still doubtful about the advantages of salon booking software? Let us walk you through all the perks of it.

Perks of using online Salon Booking software

These are the perks of using an online salon booking software :

More Clients = More Profit:

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. When you have a strong relationship with your clients, they become advocates. They tell their friends about you, and they come back to you for new services long after the initial transaction is complete.
And as more and more clients increase, your salon business will increase and blossom like a flower in spring.
But Clients will only be happy if your appointment taking is easy. Customers love the easy way out and a user-friendly experience. Thus, making your software as simple as possible is necessary.

Appointment Booking:

The nicest part of using Salon software is that it allows consumers to book appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It eliminates all of the steps involved in waiting for customers to make an appointment with you. They can now book appointments with your Salon from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers can use the Salon Online Booking Software to examine available time slots and book one that is convenient for them. This technique eliminates the need for them to wait for their turn and allows them to visit at the time they have scheduled with you. It actually satisfies them and transforms their experience.
Even though clients have the option to reschedule or cancel their appointments ahead of time, this completely removes the possibility of no-shows.

Staff Management:

Managing the employees is undoubtedly a taxing task, especially when the Salon owner is on his or her own. You must manage everything to keep the flow going, from assigning duties to knowing how they are performing. However, Salon management software can help you expedite this process as well.
As a business owner, it’s critical to keep only the most competent stylists at your salon, therefore it’s important to know how they’re doing. For your Salon expansion, keep an eye on their performance on a monthly and annual basis. Get software that allows you to assign tasks and monitor their progress from any place. It is also critical to keep them with your Salon at the same time.

Ease of Payment:

With the booking software, you can make the payment procedure more convenient. To optimize your Salon cash flow system, ask your customers to pay at the time of booking.
You may use the software to establish dependable payment channels that your clients will find simple to use. You can, however, assist them in making payments using the payment options that they have. Make it a smooth procedure rather than a difficult one.

Customer Management:

It allows you to keep track of customer preferences, history, and conversations in real-time. You can access client data and achieve 100 per cent satisfaction with only a few clicks.

Customers will be automatically grouped so that reward points and special offers can be displayed. The Salon booking Software can assist you in attracting new customers and providing the services they require. It enables you to find the products and services that clients are most likely to acquire based on their previous purchases.


Thus, we hope you understood the advantage of having salon booking software. It will give an enormous rise to your salon business and will take it to another level.

We hope you find it useful. Kindly like and share with your friends and family who own a salon business or are planning to.

Thank you.


Q.1 Would effective marketing be possible in the app?
Ans. Yes. Salon booking Software employs all of the strategies necessary for successful salon marketing. It allows you to obtain detailed information about a customer, such as their phone number, address, age, and birthdate, in order to properly interact with them. The program uses email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing to advertise the salon. It gives clients offers, discounts, and daily deals so that they may become engaged in your Salon.

Q.2 How can I manage the Salon business by software?
Ans. It provides accounting features to help you keep track of your finances and commissions to the best of your ability. The information saved in its database saves time by allowing you to obtain data fast with just a click and without wasting time. They may achieve salon-related goals more efficiently thanks to automated tracking and reporting, which saves time.

Q.3 How will I know customer satisfaction with this software?
Ans. Your salon can profit from the Feedback system in a number of ways. Customers are savvy these days, and they prefer to research before making a purchase, placing a premium on ratings and reviews. They make their decision after reading. As a result, how your Salon is rated by customers is really important. The software will let you do that.

Q.4 I also want to sell my spa and salon products on the same software. Is it possible?
Ans. Of course, it is. Each consumer has the opportunity to purchase spa and salon products at the point of sale. Customers can easily pay for the services and products they buy by using a variety of payment gateways.

Q.5 How can I increase loyalty in my customers?
Ans. You can give many coupons, vouchers and free gifts too. A loyalty program is a wonderful feature to attract consumers and maintain the number of customers at your Salon. As a salon owner, you can offer existing customers complimentary manicures and pedicures through the hair spa. Everyone loves free offers.

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