Our Favourite Make-Up picks for Travelling

Everyone likes to visit new places, click pictures and then upload them on their social media handle. And everyone likes to look good in those pictures. This is why a majority of the time they carry their make-up with them in order to give a touch-up to their pictures as well. 

At the same time, it is a hassle itself when you pack your outfits that it leaves only a reasonable place to fit your make-up. What should you eliminate from the list then? Or should you keep it all? 

In this blog, we would tell you how and what make-up products to choose when you travel away from home.

The story of a traveller who packed wrong

Gautami is an Instagram influencer. She has 800K followers and has been actively posting on Instagram every day. She had been called to the annual Influencer Awards held in Kerala. Being really excited, Gautami packed all her clothes but after that, there was not much space left for her make-up. She was in peril but more than that, she was in a hurry. Thus,  she forgot some essential things back at home. 

When she reached, she couldn’t find another foundation as the event had a tight schedule. She skimmed some make-up on her face which didn’t compliment her face at all. She looked pale in front of all the other influencers at the awards which, as a fashion and make-up influencer, gave her a loss of hundreds of followers and viewers.  

Her self-esteem drowned in the depths of Kerala’s beaches and she deactivated her Instagram, the sole reason for her earnings. You might think what worse can happen if you do not pack some of the make-up products, but it might lead to one of the biggest regrets you’ve had. 

Thus, it is necessary to know how to pack and what to pack for your travelling.

Our Favorite make-up picks for travelling 


A good travel moisturizer should be small and packed with good stuff. It should moisturize your skin and keep it from becoming greasy. And thankfully, there are more options on the market today than ever before. If you have a combination of fair skin,  you will need Face Theory’s Amil-C Whip M5 SPF 30 and 5% Niacinamide and Dual Action Vitamin C. This is a whip foam moisturizer that works to refine and brighten the skin while protecting it from UV rays. Damage-Increased sun protection factor.


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A bronzer is needed for every summer trip to achieve its sun-kissed look. There are several bronzers out there, but nothing beats the Benefit Cosmetics OG Hoola Matte Bronzer. This award-winning product is also great for contouring and, fortunately, is offered in a mini size suitable for travel.

best bronzer

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While travelling, your skin might experience different kinds of textures. Oily, greasy, humid, etc. to name a few and thus, one should have a foundation which treats all kinds of skins while we are travelling. 

These are a bit expensive, but they last for months and a little help these products a lot. Estee Lauder is a great foundation with high coverage and lasts all day long. Especially for oily skin, it is not too glossy. Dior Forever is a creamy option that seems to adapt instantly to your skin. The face will shine after a few hours, but it looks perfect with a small amount of face powder. With the correct use of 

  primer and translucent face powder, this foundation will not only last all day, but will also look fresh and gorgeous at night.


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You want an eyeliner that lasts all day. Many companies give a smudge-proof, water-proof eyeliner which stays all day long. The best of them are often made in Japan. You can get a copy online from Japan, but honestly, it’s worth the wait and it’s all a penny. You can touch the eyeliner and it won’t get dirty. The perfect size for travelling. If you are looking for one of the best eyeliner pencils, this is for you. It is designed not to irritate sensitive skin but last all day.

Perfect Eyeliner

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In case you don’t want to carry 5 different lipsticks, but you love a new shade with every other outfit, we have the solution for you. 

This 5-in-1 lipstick is one of the most important make-up merchandise to hold to your tour kit. Since it comes with 5 interesting sun sunglasses in a single stick, it saves you the hassle of switching more than one lipstick to your bag. 

 This product has all of the colourings you want to create more than one seems in the course of a vacation, inclusive of pinks, reds, and nudes. As for its formula, it has a creamy and buttery texture that imparts an opaque end in only one swipe.


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After a long day with full-face makeup, you need a remover to wipe off the waterproof makeup without rubbing or pulling too much. Clinique’s best-selling cleansing balm is the perfect solution. A gentle formula that removes makeup and other impurities from the skin.

make-up remover

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These are some of our recommendations you can choose while travelling. We hope that you will not have FOMO with your make-up products, next time you travel in a hustle-bustle. 

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Q.1 How do we use mascara on travels? 

Ans. For a natural look, apply some blush and this mascara and you will look awesome. For an intense look, add some drama with an eyeliner pencil. 

Q.2 Which product to use to enhance cheeks? 

Ans. The best travel makeup will definitely include a bronzer to enhance your beauty and those gorgeous cheeks.

Q.3 Should I keep a conditioner while travelling?

Ans. Having the same brand of shampoo and conditioner works really well and again, it will help with your dry hair. Try something which is formulated with hibiscus and coconut oil to reduce breakage and deliver shine. 

Q.4 How can I do make-up while travelling? 

Ans. One of the secrets of travelling is to carry a small compact mirror. If you go out for a long time, it is recommended to minimise the amount of makeup applied to your face. For example, skip foundation and add concealer and brush. Minimise eye makeup with eyeshadow, cute cat eyes, and mascara. You can use something like a nice lip gloss to enhance your natural lip colour. 

Q.5 Are all make-up products travel size? 

Ans. Some makeup products are travel size by default. For example, a lip pencil will fit in any bag. The same goes for small makeup brushes, mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow. The only things you need to pay attention to are your moisturizers, shampoo, hair routine, body care and sunscreen.

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