Popular Career Choices in the Beauty Industry

When asked by students of X standard, what they aspire to be, a majority of them have generalised answers.

‘An engineer.’
‘A doctor.’
‘A lawyer.’
‘An IAS officer.’

Although we say we are leading the world to a better place, a place where everyone will be assessed by their passions and would have the freedom to pursue the occupation they prefer, in reality, parents prefer their children to opt for a career which has quite ‘financial security.

We are blinded by the grandeur of such above-stated professions that we fail to realize the growing pace of other professions. Especially those in the beauty industry. This industry has so much to offer we often fail to see what it offers.

Passion v/s Profession

Ishika is a certified Cosmetologist. She has been practising it for 5 years now. Soon, her niece, Diya, will come of age and find pursuits for her career. Diya’s parents want her to be a lawyer, but she has been showing great interest in the beauty industry.

According to Ishika, wherever her niece goes, she either puts up a great show of a consistent hand in her make-up art or tries her hand on someone else. Diya shows great interest in the art of make-up and with her friend Anjali, even tries the art of Prosthetics. They have a youtube channel together and have a bunch of followers too. But for both their parents, this seems to be only a hunch or a hobby. To take it up as a profession seems preposterous to them. Neither Diya nor Anjali ever told their parents of having any serious thoughts about pursuing such a career. They have been fed the notion of having a ‘stable job’ by their parents and like many, they are not aware of the scaling growth of the beauty industry.
Ishika took a step and made them give a career counselling test. In the session, they were given all the options which ran parallel with their attitude. All of the options given to them were related to beauty. They were in a dilemma thus. Their parents would never be ready to pursue what they have been doing on the side. The counsellor then came to their aid and told them there is a beauty factor in almost every industry. Cosmetology counts as one of them. Did you know there also exists a profession called image consultant and a grooming expert? A beauty photographer perchance?

There seem to be so many professions which scream stability but we turn our deaf ears to the other professions which are already crowded.

beauty careers

Popular career choices in the beauty industry

From the story mentioned above, it must be clear to you that the beauty industry has many untold career choices which turn out to be fruitful in many ways. Let’s take a deeper insight into these professions :

  • Make-up Artist –
    What do you call a person who changes a person’s appearance from rustic to gorgeous? Wizard? No, I’m a make-up artist! Makeup artists and beauticians specialize in the application of cosmetics and are artists with excellent colours and shades. As a make-up artist, you can specialize in various make-up techniques such as airbrush, light bending, drama, special effects, prostheses, and high definition.
  • Cosmetologist
    Cosmetologists generally have knowledge of all cosmetological treatments and services, but some specialise in one or more of them. As a beautician, you can work in luxury salons, beauty/skin clinics, skin/hair specialists, wedding and event stylists, salon managers, beauticians and more. You can also become a sales or marketing specialist in the cosmetics industry. Teach at a cosmetology school/laboratory or open your own salon as their payscale too, if very high.
  • Fashion Photograph
    You can collaborate with various fashion designers, beauty and fashion brands, magazines and more. Photographers are also in high demand in the media and entertainment industries. Would you like to buy the same product when you come across a photo in a magazine that captures the perfect skin of a model and the vibrant colours of lipstick? It is the photographer’s job to make them stand out and present them in the best possible way. Fashion and beauty photographers work with models, designers, beauty brands, magazines, spas and salons to shoot promotional clothing, accessories and beauty products. A career requires strong aesthetic talent, creativity, and skilled photography skills.
  • Eyelash Technician
    If fluttering eyelashes excite you, you may want to consider becoming a certified eyelash technician. The best part is that you don’t have to complete a three-year cosmetology school. In fact, in just three days, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an entrepreneur with your first client.
  • Dermatologist
    A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in skin, hair, and nail problems. Becoming a dermatologist requires a true passion for treating extreme cases. It’s the medical side of the beauty industry. If you want a secure job as a ‘doctor of the skin’, you can consider this profession too.
  • Spa Owner
    Have a knack for entrepreneurship? You can try building a salon and spa brand of your own. If you have experience running a business, you can open your own salon or spa and focus on your core passion-the best part is that you become your own boss. If you are a trained cosmetologist and work in your own business while managing your staff, you can also aim to open a salon.
  • Nail Technician
    As a nail technician, you create unique designs and nail art to give your clients the length and thickness of nails they always want. You also have the option of working in a salon, working as a freelancer, or starting your own business.
  • Beauty Blogger
    If you want to show your skills to many people at once, publish them on the internet. The same applies to the beauty industry. Whether text or video, blogging helps spread knowledge about body care, makeup, beauty and fashion around the world. Cosmetology bloggers write articles and make videos to educate and delight their viewers. You can blog on a variety of topics such as product reviews, beauty/makeup techniques, makeup tutorials, beauty tips and trends. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The traditional way to become a beauty blogger is to start your own blog or channel and build from scratch. However, if you don’t want to dive right away, you can start your career in this area as a cosmetology magazine, mainstream cosmetology blog, beauty brand, designer writer or editor, or by working as a freelancer. .. As you work and develop skills over time, you can become self-employed.

  • Hair-stylist
    Hairdressers have many options. Actors, theatrical productions, or television can give your character the right look. The demand for beauticians is increasing not only in the entertainment industry but also in the general public. Whether it’s an event, a party, or a wedding, your hair must look perfect!
  • Image Consultant –
    Appearance, carrying, colour to wear, how to eat, how to speak, etc. all serve to convey your photos to the outside world. An image consultant will help you ensure that your image is displayed. They work with businesses and individual clients to change their appearance, improve their communication skills and social etiquette, and give them a more sophisticated look and personality. Such professionals are also in high demand in the corporate sector to train employees in interacting with customers.


Thus, these were the popular career choices in the beauty industry in modern times. There are many more occupations which are still hidden and struggle to come out in the world. But if you have the passion and talent, there is no force that can stop you from reaching the heights you want to reach.

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Q.1 Which are the best institutions to study the art of being a nail technician?
Ans. Some institutes that provide training in Nail Art are:

  • Nail Art Academy (Mumbai)
  • VLCC Institute (Multiple Locations)

Q. 2 Who are some famous fashion photographers?
Ans. Dabboo Ratnani and Atul Kasbekar are examples of fashion photographers who have reached the pinnacle of this field in collaboration with famous Hindi actors. Dabboo Ratnani has also launched his own calendar, including the prominent Hindi Bollywood stars.

Q.3 What are the career opportunities of a Cosmetologist?
Ans. Cosmetologists are specialists in providing services such as hair styling, makeup, massage therapy, skincare and nail art. They differ from makeup artists in that they are trained in all cosmetology treatments.

Q.4 Best make-up artist institutes in India?
Ans. You can try –
– Lakme Academy (Mumbai & Delhi)
– Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star Salon and Academy (Delhi)
– VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management (Multiple Locations)
– Pearl Academy (Delhi, Mumbai, Noida)

Q.5 Is there any formal education needed to be a beauty blogger?
Ans. No formal education is required to become a beauty blogger but getting a degree/certification in communication, journalism, fashion communication, cosmetology or design can help.

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