Pro Tips for Applying Make-Up

Everyone likes make-up. Especially when it’s an occasion and you need to look good. Every time you scroll down Pinterest and see winged eyeliners and contour and highlighters, does it not instil an urge to do that yourself?

But it’s not an easy task to be able to do the make-up of your dreams. It takes a stable hand, a swift speed and a bucket full of patience. After all, no one likes to have uneven eyeliners on both their eyes or a white powdered face or uneven make-up which does not fulfil its purpose.

We believe everyone must know how to do the basics of make-up for it is a useful daily life hack. Thus, in this blog, we would tell you some professional tips for applying makeup and some secrets to it as well. Read further if you are interested!

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Pro tips for applying make-up

Coming directly to the point, these are some tips you can use so that you do not scream your lungs out when your eyebrows turn monstrous –

  • Start with a clean canvas
    Makeup should be done immediately after cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. A combination of warm water, facial massage, your favourite cream, oil and serum will fluff the lines, remove dandruff and moisturize dry or post-menopausal skin. This means that there are no gaps between cleansing, moisturizing and make-up. Frankly, you can’t wash your face, eat, check your messages, shop online, make phone calls, and resume from where you left off.
  • Apply foundation before concealer
    Tip: The easiest way to enhance your makeup routine is to apply foundation in front of the concealer. Start with the foundation layer to minimize redness and discolouration. This is about the same as creating a smooth base for the rest of the product. You can then use a concealer to find and treat acne and residual redness. That way, you’ll use significantly fewer products in the process. Another plus? The foundation in front of the concealer is an ingenious solution to prevent lumps and wrinkles.
  • A primer must always compliment the foundation
    Oil or water, primer and foundation should be on the same base. Otherwise, they will repel each other and slip off the face, making blending difficult.
  • Eye be the eldest
    You don’t have to worry about powder shadows on your cheeks or stains under your eyeliner that can “dirt” your foundation, cheeks, and concealer.. Applying a primer or cream shadow to the eyelids first keeps the eye makeup fresh and ensures a smoother and more even application.
  • The eyebrow hack
    On busy days when I don’t have time to fill my eyebrows, I like to take the next best thing. Quickly comb the arch with a pulley brush (also known as a small mascara wand). I love to spree eyebrows, even when I have time for powders, gels and pencils. It can take up to 10 seconds and is an easy way to make sure each eyebrow is in the right place.
  • The dark pencil supremacy
    Coloured more than regular kohl pencils, less cluttered than brush-on-gel, and flattering than harsh liquids and markers, these waterproof liners help create tighter, clearer eyes. Place your elbows on the table to stabilize your hands. Look in the mirror, lift your chin and sketch with a small back-and-forth movement along the base of the top lid. Starting from the outer edge of the eye, it progresses toward the duct and tapers inward by three-quarters. Fill the gaps as close as possible to the base of the lashes. Dark pigments (not line widths) create strong borders. “Tighten” the waterline under the upper lashes to shape the eyes. Gently push down on the bones of the eyebrows to expose the underside of the rim and line. Use a light touch to line the bottom of your eyes. For dramas (especially when the eyes are sunk or covered), line the waterline of the lower eyelid instead.
  • Exfoliate lips before applying anything
    Try to exfoliate your lips with a gentle lip scrub. Physical exfoliation removes dry skin on the lips and makes the surface of the product smoother and softer. One thing to keep in mind: Lip scrubs should only be used once a week or there is a risk of irritation.
  • Conical works the best
    Most of us are accustomed to applying a semi-circular concealer under the eyes to reduce the appearance of bags and bulges. However, for best results, apply a concealer under the eyes and extend almost to the nose. Not only is it easy to get used to, so it has good concealment, but it also helps to outline the sides of the nose.
  • Glow > Coverage
    Face makeup restores shine and promotes a healthy look. Choose warmer or more golden shades rather than the perfect combination to counter dull, pasty, ashy skin and neutralize redness and rosacea. Then choose a foundation that contains the word “luminous” in the product name to ensure light-reflecting technology that gives your skin a radiant glow, like swallowing a light bulb. Finally, choose a moist, thin yet highly coloured adult foundation to overcome the lack of makeup. Good-looking skin is your greatest beauty asset. And all those mats, powders, high definition, full coverage, or long-lasting face products? Forget her forever.
  • The tissue and powder technique
    If the colour of your lips lasts for hours, sweep the shade, cover your mouth with a tissue, and then sprinkle with translucent powder to prevent the colour from rising or bleeding. This process may look ~ extra ~, but the result is 100% worth it. The translucent powder alone can change the colour of your lips, but using tissue as a shield will prevent your lips from becoming light or dull.
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These were the professional tips from our side for applying make-up. Know some more hacks? Mention them in the comments!

We hope this blog proved to be useful for you as you embark on this journey of professional-like make-up. If it proved to be pivotal, don’t hesitate to like and share it with your friends and family. After all, who doesn’t like to put on a little make-up these days?

Need more such hacks?
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Q.1 Any advice for cheekbones?
Ans. Choose a vibrant and clear shade of pink, rose, apricot or red, depending on your skin tone. What looks initially startling fades as you tap-blend to melt seamlessly into the skin. Ditch the powder blush.

Q.2 Can I use petroleum jelly as an actual make-up hack?
Ans. If you have an eyeshadow that you love so much and also want to wear as a lip shade, mix the loose pigments with a little bit of petroleum jelly. It would create your own custom lipstick!

Q.3 Does the colour of a concealer matter?
Ans. Yes. A green concealer is used for cancelling out any redness, lavender for yellow-toned discolouration, peach for bruises or blue-toned under-eye circles.

Q.4 Where to dab the concealer?
Ans. Just dab on a little concealer, preferably with a brush, under your eyes, on the corners of your mouth, and near your nose, and you are good to go.

Q.5 How can we tell where we should be dusting our bronzer?
Ans. To tell where you should be dusting on your bronzer, roll a pencil, pen, or makeup brush handle right below your cheekbone (directly in the pocket underneath the actual bone) to find the right angle for your face.

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