Reasons Why Men Must do Beauty Courses

It’s the era of equality, as everyone says. And thus, there is no profession which is gender-based. It might be being a driver, a watchman, a nanny, a business person, or any occupation and you will see both men and women working in these professions.
In the beauty industry, having male beauticians is normal in the 21st century. But did you know that things were not like this before? There were times when men considered make-up or beauty-related things to be feminine. And there were even times when men revolved around beauty more than women. History has been seen all the time and it has proved to us that it’s fine to follow your passion regardless of your gender. That is appreciated if you fulfil your dreams rather than being harnessed by the shackles of society.

Thus, in this blog, we would discover the reasons why men should opt for beauty courses and what would it mean to them, later in their careers live.

Men v/s Beauty through the Test of Times

In the earliest times, around 3000BC in China and Japan, men used natural products to produce a kind of nail polish, which was a sign of status and wealth. They even used make-up tools as later found by archaeologists and historians.
Middle-century France also saw a variety of men following the make-up culture. They profoundly used excessive powder, blushed up cheeks and a tinge of lip redder. Only the aristocrats were allowed to wear such high-fashion make-up (only they could afford it anyway).

We see many portraits of Indian Kings, whether it be Mughal or famous Rajput, or Hindu or a Maratha leaders. All of them have one single commonality. All of them wear ‘Kajal’, or a black line under their eyes. It is believed in many religions that ‘Kajal’, helps in keeping away bad omens and spirits so that the ruler can be stress-free about unwanted troubles.

In the 21st century, we have men like James Charles, Harry Styles and other visionaries who apply make-up, do themselves or break the shackles of gender-based professions or arts. Not convinced yet? Read further to know why men should opt for beauty courses…

Reasons why men should opt. for beauty courses

There are millions of reasons why men must go for such courses. Some of them are;

Defying the system

Women have dominated this industry for so long, that the demand for males has increased to a percentage of 58. Thus, you need to break the stereotypes and choose this passion of yours to be a unique profession. As a man, the competition for you in this industry would be comparatively less than for a woman until gender stability arrives in this field. Thus, take advantage of it and produce great deals out of it.

Male clientele connection

There are many times when men are not comfortable getting treated by women. Thus, male beauticians can aid in that situation. For salons or companies, male staff attracts male clientele as being men, they would be attuned to the situations of the clients by personal experience.

It is a great career choice

Leaving behind everyone who advised you to go for a ‘secure’ job and do engineering or medical, you can opt for a beauty course as it has proved to be one of the most paid career choices if you are good at it. You would be able to work with famous people and celebrity faces will be your canvas. Think about it. Do not let your talent drown in the chasm of modernity. Dive into this passion and win the race.

According to the study of ‘Economic times’. VLCC has started an institute of beauty courses and many men have enrolled in it from all spheres of the nation. They have even witnessed international enrolment of men and were quite satisfied by the sex ratio in the batches from 2018-2021.

Some famous examples for you to take into consideration are – Jawed Habib (the master of haircuts) and Mickey Contractor (the most famous celebrity make-up artist in Bollywood). These men are at the top of their careers and have created some very famous nicks and look in the beauty society.


Hence proved that men can opt for beauty courses and they SHOULD. This is just imperative. There is no gender bias in any profession and thus, men should, due to the above-mentioned reason, consider the fields of beauty to be a career option. If you are a man, and your passion scream to be a beauty artist, go for it. Break the shackles. Step over the stereotypes and show the world how it’s done.
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Q.1 How much does a beauty course cost?
Ans. It depends on the institute and the type of course. Usually, institutes cost around $100 – $600 for most of the courses.

Q.2 What is the general salary of a beautician in India?
Ans. The starting salary is Rs. 10,000 which goes up to several lakh packages. It is one of the most upcoming rising level of business in India and thus, produce an ample amount of revenue.

Q.3 What is the minimum qualification to join a beauty course?
Ans. The 12th standard pass certificate is the minimum qualification required to join a beauty course.

Q. 4 I have only seen men in the Hair grooming industry. Is it possible for them to be in other industries as well?
Ans. Not only is this possible, but it happens worldwide. It is not a huge deal in the modern world to have men staff do your manicure, pedicure, facial, make-up etc. Men are trained in all fields of the beauty industry and are expected to have experience in all spheres.

Q.5 Whom should I get a haircut from? A man or a woman?
Ans. Gender neither speaks about your potential nor stereotypes do. You need to adhere to the potential and capability and artistic finishing of a person to be able to analyze their work. Whether it be a man or a woman, their work must impress you rather than their gender.

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