SMS Marketing for Salon Business in India

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for salons to stay in touch with existing clients and bring more new clients. In this blog post, let’s try to see why SMS marketing is important and how it can be effectively used for strengthening the customer base in the salon market.

Why SMS marketing?

-The most effective due to its visibility. Message opening rate is the most effective decision making factor while choosing any form of communication transfer. An email message has a 20-30% open rate while on the other hand a text message has a 98% open rate. 

-Secondly text messages are short and quick to read as compared to long emails. 

-It is time-saving for both the salon business as well as the clients. Thus, it is more convenient.

Ways to use text marketing for salon business:

1. Talk about the latest offers, discounts and any other combo services.

Discounts/ Offers
aWe haven’t seen you in a while. Get <According to Salon> Discount on Service. Use Code <Dummy Code> and book an appointment now.
bHi <Customer Name>, Weekend Bumper Offer. Get <According To Salon> Discount on <All Service/Particular Service>, Hurry!! Book Appointment Now.
cGrab Discount upto <According to Salon> this weekend. Offer valid only for first 15 customers. Hurry Up!!
dUpto <According to Salon> off on best services at your favorite <Salon Name> salon. Valid for limited time. Hurry, Book Now!!
eHey, We thought that you would like an amazing offer on your next haircut. Use Code <Dummy Code> to avail it.

2. Setting automated birthday messages is an excellent way to build a bond with customers. Birthday wishes make customers feel connected with the brand and it increases the chances of repeat purchase and brings new customers

Birthday Wishes
aDear Customer, Wishing you a very happy birthday from {#var#}!As a special birthday treat, we’re giving you {#var#} on yournext Service!Book with us before the end of {#var#} for your exclusive offer via Lokaci.See you soon!{#var#}
b“Hello {ClientName},We wish you a very happy birthday. We have a small gift for you, get a free {Service} with {OtherService} from us.Party Hard!!{SalonName} via Lokaci{Link}”

3. Take customer’s feedback seriously, ask them to rate you and give review of their services. It makes the business work upon its weaknesses and the customer knows that their responses are valuable and they are heard.

Asking for Ratings and Review
aWe hope you like our last service. Please rate us and share your feedback. Thank you!
bHey, Rate us between 1 (Very Bad) to 5 (Very Good). Come again to get great services!!
cThanks for visiting our salon. Please take 10 second to rate our service.
dDear <Customer Name>, We’re sad to not see you after last time. Let us know what went wrong. Your Feedback will be appreciated.
eHow was your salon experience? Let us know so that we can make it better for you everytime.

4. Don’t forget to inform them about empty slots in the coming days, keep customers updated about the slots so they may book accordingly. The idea is to be available for the customers when they need the salon.

Empty Slot Available Reminders
a<X%> OFF available at <SalonName> on Wednesday from <xam> to <ypm>. Book your slot now.
b10 seats left on Sunday at <Salon Name>. Hurry up and Book now!

5. Lastly, follow the news and current trends in the market. During COVID pandemic you can use following messages:

Covid Awareness
aHey <Customer Name>, Don’t forget your mask while visiting.
bSitting at Salon is risk of COVID19. Book appointment and directly get Haircut. No waiting. Book Now !
cHey <Customer Name>, due to current situation of Covid are timings has changed to <New Timings>.
d<Salon Name> is following all safety guidelines. Come and experience a safe service.
eHey <Customer Name>, We care a lot about you.Please take a prior appointment before visiting to avoid crowd. Stay Safe and Enjoy your service.
fWe’re temporaily closed to ensure your safety. We will appreciate your support, please book a future appointment with us.

NOTE: Use keywords in text marketing, to offer consumers a self-guided tool to act upon, for example “Use code 50OFF to avail 50% off on your first purchase.”

How lokaci can help in bulk SMS marketing:

What is Lokaci? 

Lokaci is a real time salon booking appointment platform for customers. Along with that it is a platform serving the needs of salons and helping them sustain and grow their business. Lokaci acts as a mediator between salons and customers. So it is beneficial for both parties. It is India’s best salon software which is free.

How to use Lokaci for sms advertising

  1. Login: The moment you open the Lokaci app, a login window appears in front of you. Fill the credentials and go forward. 
  2. The next window is the Home page of the Lokaci Vendor App which shows Weekly Earnings, Today;s Bookings, All Bookings, Offers, etc related to your salon.
Advertising, Marketing for salon business in India through Lokaci

3. On the top left corner, click on the three lines. 

4. The slide in the page shows the options shown in the image below. Scroll down to the Marketing section.

Communication, Advertising, Marketing fro salon business in India through Lokaci

5. You can either create a gift card or send bulk SMS.

6. To send Bulk SMS, click on the send bulk SMS option and you will be directed to a new window. Here Choose how you want to interact with your clients.

sms marketing, text marketing, bulk sms marketing, sms advertising through Lokaci

7. The next step is to write the message. Lokaci already provides you a template, you may edit it according to your needs.

sms marketing, text marketing, bulk sms marketing, sms advertising through Lokaci

7. The last step is to choose the clients you wish to send. Choose the client category.

8. The final page shows you the preview of your message, have a look at it and do changes if required and you are all set to send it to your customers.

It’s done!


  1. How can I promote my salon in India?
  • Social media
  • Referral discounts
  • SMS marketing

2. How do you attract customers to your salon?

  • Exhibitions at a hair & beauty show.
  • Strong social media presence.
  • Sponsorships in events.
  • Run paid Ads on the web.

3. How do I keep my clients back in the salon?

  • Take care of their needs and deliver the best of your services.
  • Take proper review and work upon the weaknesses, if any. It makes the customer feel heard.
  • Follow up with them and keep updating them about new offers, slots, etc via SMS markting.

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