With the ever-evolving technological advancements in today’s day and age, it is no surprise that even the beauty industry stands to gain advancements thanks to it. With this in mind let us talk about some of the trends that are on the horizon for 2021. 


Biotech in the beauty community is a new path taken by scientists to produce otherwise naturally sourced ingredients, synthetically in the labs. With this technique, we can make changes to the products according to our needs, eg- reducing the size of molecules to facilitate deep penetration of the product in the skin. 

You must have heard about ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane as major ingredients for your skincare products and how they benefit you. What if you were told that these ingredients can be made in the lab in huge quantities while also being completely pure and environmentally sustainable? Apart from being a sustainable option for our environment, biotech will not only reduce the prices of these products but will also give you better if not the same results as the naturally sourced products.

The reason biotech is said to be sustainable is because ingredients like squalane are extracted from the livers of sharks and biotech can prevent this practice of shark hunting and make it pointless by the production of this ingredient in labs. This is one of the many examples of how the practices are not economically sustainable in the beauty community just as yet. However, we are on the right track as biotech is here to change that for the better.


We use an uncountable number of products for our face and for our hair but have you ever thought about nourishing your scalp? The scalp, just like your skin, ages and needs to be nourished regularly. 

Our scalp facilitates hair growth and provides hair with the natural oils it needs. In this process, the scalp can many times get clogged and dirty. This can further cause problems like itch and dryness which causes many problems like dandruff, hair thinning, and even hair loss. There are many scalp treatments that are now available in salons that are customized and focused on the needs of your scalp. From regulating the oil secretion of your scalp, to slowing scalp aging, there are solutions for everything. 

Just like we make it a habit to remove our makeup before going to the bed, we need to incorporate healthy scalp care practices as well.  A healthy and happy scalp will translate to healthy and happy hair. 


There have been constant changes in product customization over the years. Earlier, the need of the hour was the right shade of foundation for all the skin tones. Now that this has been achieved by brands like Fenty Beauty, Jouer Cosmetics, and many more, the next step is towards customizing not just the shade but the entire product itself.

The concept behind customized products was that no 2 people are the same in all respects, then why should the products they use be? With this thought in mind, brands like Skinkraft and Bare Anatomy took the first step towards introducing their own approach to the problem. They introduced the concept of customized shampoos, conditioners, and even skincare, providing a comprehensive list of ingredients for you to choose from while creating your product. Each problem like dry scalp, frizzy hair, hair fall, etc can be targeted according to your needs and the ingredients curated by you, for you. All you need to do is visit the site and answer the questions, easy!

Companies are now putting emphasis on the uniqueness of each customer and their needs. This product is not only a treat for the person buying it but can also be an amazing gift for friends and family.


Blue light refers to the rays emitted by the sun and our electronic devices. Just like our eyes, these rays are harmful to our skin as well. While we get glasses that provide us with protection from blue light, there is no such step taken by us for our skin.

As more and more research is being done about blue lights we are learning about more and more adverse effects it has on us. It is found to be the cause of wrinkles and fine lines which are signs of premature aging of the skin.  With all this in mind, there are multiple products and services out there that can be used to prevent this in the early stages itself. Apart from premature aging, blue light is also found to be a cause of discoloration of skin in some extreme cases. 

With this growing age of technology, a lot of us cannot completely cut out the use of our phones and laptops, we can however use products and undergo treatments to mitigate the effects of these lights. Products with zinc oxide and titanium oxide are said to prevent the absorption of these rays into our skin. 


Maskne is the term used for acne caused due to masks. We all know that masks have now become a daily part of our lives and while it helps us stay protected from the coronavirus, many times it has caused problems like acne for people with sensitive skins. 

Maskne is a more serious problem for the groups that already face some issues with their skin like acne, rosacea, folliculitis, or are allergic to the material of their masks. These combined with the trapping of heat, moisture, sweat, and dirt can cause endless problems for us. Some easy steps that can be taken to prevent these problems are: taking a 15-minute break from the mask every 4 hours (in a safe place, not surrounded by people), this will provide your skin with a break and a cleanse. You can also wash your mask regularly to prevent excess accumulation of dirt and sweat. Other small steps like not wearing makeup under your mask and making sure your mask aren’t too tight can help relieve some of the redness and irritation. 

While masks are a necessity in today’s day and age, Maskne isn’t. Getting inputs from your dermatologist can provide you with a more clear view of what exactly is the cause behind your Maskne.


With the progressive thinking of the next generation, gender has been disregarded as a basis for the market division of beauty products. Gen Z has broken barriers for a lot of issues and the beauty community is just another one of the spheres where we can see its effect.

While this inclusivity creates an opportunity for all genders to be a part of the conversation and enjoy the use of these products, it also benefits cosmetic companies as it widens the market and increases their customer base. Brands like Fenty, milk makeup, mac cosmetics, Gucci, and a lot more have already started marketing their brands in a more inclusive way so as to capitalize on this opportunity. This also helps them gain the first mover’s advantage in the market.

While there is still a long way to go for everyone to be a part of this change, it is very clear that we are on a positive trajectory of inclusivity. It now depends on the brands to be able to come up with creative ideas to make sure they capitalize early.

There is an ever-evolving face of the beauty industry and stagnancy is not its speed. As our thinking changes, so will our trends. Some of these trends may be popular for only a short duration while the others may be here to stay. Regardless of this duration, they all bring about changes in the industry that introduce us to new concepts. While everything is not for everyone, sometimes finding the one thing that works for you is only possible when you give a chance to these new ideas.  

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