Top 5 Hack to Get your Salon seen on Websites

In the 21st century, for your business to boom in every corner of the market, you need to have a presence on the Internet. After the pandemic hit and online trading dawned upon everyone, the time for a self-grooming system started. For a long period of time, the system of salons declined critically as it was mandatory to not step out of the house. As soon as the conditions loosened, the salon started out. But the age-old method of the traditional appointment-taking system degraded in the eyes of the customers.

Then came the height of ‘home appointments’. Urban clap, now called The Urban Company, started an app where you can call for people to provide services at your home. It involves you booking an appointment on the app and the person involved would come to your place of stay and provide you with the services. Consists of plumbers, cleaners, beauticians and so many more. (Note that Urban Company is not a salon but a service-providing agency and not a salon.)

In this blog, we would scan through the ways you can enhance your salon’s presence in the virtual world of the internet. In this blog, we would discover the top 5 hacks to get your salon on high-rating websites and flood your salon corridors with customers.

Why should you put your salon on other websites?

In the modern age, the internet revolves around the lives of all. Thus, putting your website up on the internet is a priority if you want to have a successful salon business. Social Media and websites are the best places to spread your business far and wide.

Suppose you have a salon in the locality, your customers are regular and you do not feel the need to expand your business or new heights. That is alright. But if another salon is opened in your same locality, has a page on the internet, is on various websites like Justdial and many others, and due to that, people start going to that salon after reading its good reviews, it would be challenging for your business to not expand.

(For a deeper insight, read our blog on ‘Salon Branding’.)
Thus, even if you have your own website, you will have to up your game by certain steps.

Top 5 hacks to get your salon found on websites

You can try to –

Optimize the description of your website

Netizens prefer the first five websites google suggests. They would not scroll down for your website to come up.
Over the years, Google has built a search engine that is the envy of the industry. It handles the vast majority of web queries and returns results that are often the first result on a web page. As the company grows, so does the need for better search results.
Changing the description of your site is very easy, but it has a big impact on your presence in Google Search. Not only will more people click if it looks and sounds good, but Google can track the percentage of people who actually click when you visit your site and increase your ranking.

Keep good content on your website

Try keeping fresh content on your website. A way to do that is to write blogs, keep in touch with the current trends, write about the topics people usually search about and be active.
Another benefit of writing a blog post is that you can share valuable educational content with your mailing lists and social media followers. Want to not only share your photos but also provide real value?
These blog posts don’t have to be very long. That’s fine for at least 500 words (several paragraphs). To make your blog post more attractive, we encourage you to include photos as well.
Make sure these blog posts are useful, educational and non-spam. However, try placing some keywords in several places to help you rank in Google.

NAP essentials

NAP is your company name, address and phone number. For local businesses with addresses, NAP is a very important way to rank. It is essential for when you are featured on a website, people need to know your information to track you down and know more about your salon.
Even in Google My Business, entering contact details only once is not enough. Your name, address, and phone number must be exactly the same everywhere you see online.
If you find a discrepancy, change it yourself or send a message to the site owner to request an update. The whole process should only take a few minutes, but a clean update of NAP everywhere will definitely improve Google’s ranking.

Listing your business on ‘Business e-libraries’

A business e-library is a place where an employer finds an employee and the unemployed finds a job. It runs both ways.
Did you know that one of the biggest factors in your ranking on Google is related to the websites that link to you? These major websites are –
– Yelp
– Apple Maps
– Your Local chamber of commerce (search for your city’s)
– LinkedIn
– Bing Places for Business
– Yellow Pages
– Yahoo Local
– Better Business Bureau
And the more respected (and more popular) this site is, the better it is to have a link from it. It’s like they are “guaranteeing” your business. The great thing is that it’s not too difficult to find many high-quality websites that link to your website.
This is a simple project that you can run once a year for your business and it will be completed in less than an hour. But being on the list really helps Google to see your business in a sustainable way.

SEO functioning

Last but not the least, is the SEO functioning. SEO refers to ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Google works on this principle. You already might have heard of ‘keywords’. They are responsible for getting traffic to your website and keeping your domain name busy.
While creating any content of your salon on a website, beware of putting in keywords (words which are mostly used on search engines). Blogs, reels, videos, anything, always swear by the keywords.


And these were the top 5 hacks you can use to get your salon up on the websites and get a crowd of customers filling in your hallways.

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Q.1 Which is the best place to list my salon at?
Ans. Internationally, Yelp has proved to be the best website which consists of many businesses but you also choose a local website or a website often used in your nation.

Q.2 What is the full – form of NAP?
Ans. NAP refers to Name, Address, and Phone number.

Q. 3 How do we name our blogs?
Ans. Naming a blog is not as easy a task as it seems to be. You have to keep in mind, the game of the keywords. To make it easy, keep it simple. Many bloggers use a recipe of combining the most popular service and the city. E.g. – ‘Top ten nail salons in Delhi.’

Q. 4 Can I make a website for my salon on Wix or WordPress?
Ans. Wix and WordPress are great places to make a website out of your salon’s livelihood. We give you a green light to start creating your website on these platforms.

Q. 5 How can I ace up by business game on Google My Business?
Ans. It would only take you a few minutes. Try getting reviews from your customers and request them to give you stars on Google. Google then puts all the stars on the internet and ranks you accordingly.

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