Top 8 Things every Beauty Artist must know

We all, while scrolling down Instagram, have come upon a post that had a gripping element. That captivating element is often the vibrant colours and what experiments beauty artists do.

Man-kind has been using make-up for aeons. From using plant extracts to using tattoo eyeliners, the beauty industry has gone through a lot. And whilst going through this evolution, in recent years, beauty artists have had a huge hype.
In Japan itself, as Statista says, beauty had a hike like no other.

Statistics Report On Japan

Because of this, beauty artists have increased worldwide. At the time of the pandemic, everyone tried their hand at self-grooming and make-up. While some gave up in the middle of the road, some became great influencers. Instagram make-up influencers like James Charles, Mrunal Panchal, Nagma Mirjakar, and Michelle Phan are some of the names you might know.

As these beauty influencers have increased through the test of time, more are incoming and in the future, there is a possible cause of a 39% increase in this profession. Thus, if you want to be a beauty artist, you need to up your game in the play.

In this blog, we will tell you things every beauty artist must know and in the middle of that, a little pinch of the secret to becoming the best in this field.

Concept of Beauty

The concept of beauty is interpreted in a variety by many different people. Some say it is how a person looks at the outside while some say beauty is a reflection of the inside. In this blog, we will treat beauty from the outside and try to understand how, being a beauty artist, you can even beautify the insides of people when they are satisfied with their outer look.

As Pat McGrath always said –
“Creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment.”

Things every beauty artist must know

Starting with the tips and tricks every beauty artist must know, note that these are the steps you need to know to climb the steps of being successful in the beauty industry.

  • Practice makes ‘everyone’ perfect

Being a beginner, when one can barely call oneself a beauty artist, everyone knows that they don’t make the perfect winged eyeliner or blend the concealer well. Practice. Practice on yourself, on others, on anyone you find. Practice your strengths and your weaknesses.

  • Build an Attractive Portfolio

Building a great portfolio is necessary for every beauty artist. Your best pieces needed to be in your portfolio. Every artist, as a matter of fact. Many companies or freelancer employers or collaboration companies prefer a great portfolio.

How to build a great resume you ask?
Basically, it must include –
⦁ Your experiments
⦁ Your achievements
⦁ Your clients
⦁ Your best pieces
⦁ Your unique work (all beauty related)

  • Be specific about your area

There are diverse areas in the field of beauty. There is –
⦁ Entrepreneurship
⦁ Freelancing
⦁ Youtuber
⦁ Beauty blogger (website/Instagram)
⦁ Salons
You can choose any of the areas. Note that if you choose more than one, you will have to be consistent in both. Many beauty bloggers are YouTubers as well and many interviewees, say that it is a challenge to keep up with both. Although, many are successful and it depends on you which you find your passion.

  • Learn from the experienced ones

Research the beauty artists before you. At the beginner level, try to copy their styles while harnessing your own as well. See their videos or the step-by-step way they do it. Learn their tips and tricks for the best way to polish your skill.

  • Keep on ‘Educating’ yourself

Only learning from your idols would not be enough. Try learning from workshops, join renowned courses, learn from the experts, diplomas, whichever suits your schedule. Educate yourself thoroughly in your field as knowledge is necessary for every aspect.

  • Look for A Mentor

Try finding a mentor. This is optional but will add to your skills indefinitely. Having a mentor and an idol are two very separate things. You can learn from a distance with your idol, while a mentor will personally teach you everything they know. Find an able mentor who can teach you all the things necessary for your skill to be re-defined.

  • Market yourself the right way

In order to establish yourself as a brand, and make yourself available to influence worldwide, you need to market yourself to create your web presence. This means making accounts on social media and getting out there to gear up for the upcoming decades of media influences.

  • Cherish your job

The most important part of every job is to cherish it. Love your job no matter what. The enthusiasm for creating something beautiful should never fade away. The excitement brings out focus and that focus brings out creativity.

Lastly, there are a few secrets to this job, which no one ever tells a beauty artist.

⦁ Never get over-friendly with your clients. Sometimes your clients can be celebrities too. Don’t overdo being a fan. Create a healthy relationship. Don’t force it.
⦁ Never say no to any work. Sometimes, if you are working under someone, it may be possible that you would have to do a few menial jobs. Don’t hesitate. No job is ever beneath you.
⦁ Lastly, always wear flats or sneakers. As a beauty artist, you may have to travel from one place to another with the crew, go to the set again and again for touch-ups and so much more. Wearing comfortable footwear would be better in this situation.


So, these were the things every beauty artist must know. If you feel there is something missing or if you would like to add a tip of your own, feel free to add your own comment!

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Stay tuned for more such blogs.
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Q.1 How can I find a mentor?
Ans. If you get your idol to mentor you, then it’s good. But if you need to find a mentor, try looking on LinkedIn, Instagram, beauty blogs and other social media handles. Many are available at all times.

Q.2 Can I take more than one job at the same time?
Ans. It just depends on your schedule. It is often advised against taking more than one job at a time, but if you have the time, go for it.

Q. 3 Why is it so important to have a daily presence on social media, to be a beauty artist?
Ans. Being a beauty artist, you need to lure people into believing that you can produce something incredible. That when given a face, you can convert it into things unimaginable to human imagination and thus, creating a daily presence on social media, adds fuel to the fire. You need to know your followers and get their approval for your portfolio. This is how the world of art functions.

Q.4. I am a medical student who has a great passion for creating different looks. I want to follow my passion now. Is there any way I can do that without a formal education in beauty?
Ans. Of course. You can self-teach yourself through your idols by seeing their videos and tutorials. There are many beauty influencers who are self-taught. But we would advise you to go for a small workshop or a short-term course to polish your skills.

Q.5 Where will I find make-up inspiration and influencers?
Ans. The whole web of social media is full of make-up inspiration and influencers. Look for them in magazines, websites, beauty blogs/vlogs, books, red-carpet looks and celebrity images.

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