Top Beauty Salons near IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi is one of the few IITs that are situated inside the city area not to mention it is located in one of the most posh areas of the national capital.

 Studying in one of the nation’s premier institutions without missing the splendors of a
metro-city is definitely amazing. There are several coaching institutes too that have occupied the surrounding area which means it is no-brainer to guess that many more aspiring students live in the area.

With tough courses to study and an often hectic schedule, these students would be better off if they don’t have to spend much time on things like getting a haircut.
But they can definitely not compromise with their style. They are students after all, they have to stay stylish, they are the trendsetters.

Here is a list of top salons around IIT Delhi that are preferred by the students as well as the local people. Remember, quality always makes you stand apart.

Ethereal Unisex Studio Salon

Ethereal Unisex Studio Salon

Amit Gents Parlour

Amit Gents Parlour

Hollywood Unisex Salon

Hollywood Unisex Salon


What are the best salons near IIT Delhi?

Amit Gents Parlor in Ber Sarai.
Ethereal & Scissors Unisex Salon in SDA Market.
Hollywood Unisex Salon in Katwaria Sarai.
SAC Salon in IIT Campus

What are the places near IIT Delhi?

IIT Delhi is in Hauz Khas of South Delhi and is surrounded by:
Jia Sarai which is known for affordable PGs and rooms for students,
Katwaria Sarai has off-campus rooms(IIT), market,
SDA Market is a posh market opposite main gate,
Ber Sarai is known for cheap PGs and JNU market,
Kalu Sarai which is known for MadeEasy and FITJEE coaching.

Is there a salon inside IIT Delhi campus?

Yes! There is a Men’s salon in Student Activity Centre (SAC) of the IIT campus. Also, there is a Parlor in Himadri hostel for girls.

How good is the salon in IIT Delhi campus?

The best thing about salons and parlor in IIT Delhi is the affordability, the prices are well below the market standards. Service quality varies from poor to average justifying the prices. If you just need your hair trimmed or cropped, you are good. But if you are conscious about your style, you won’t be satisfied. Innovation as expected in an IIT campus is definitely present as SAC Salon accepts booking on Lokaci app, made by the students.

Can I book appointment in SAC Salon of IIT Delhi?

Yes! Appointment can be booked in SAC Salon using Lokaci App. The app was created by the students of IIT Delhi only.

15 thoughts on “Top Beauty Salons near IIT Delhi”

  1. Ethereal Unisex Salon is really nice. I like their work and they are friendly too. Plus it is just cross the road from IIT Delhi (in SDA market)

  2. I always go to Ethereal. Didn’t know about others. Gonna try Amit’s this time as a friend said he is good and his ratings on your LOKACI app are good too.

  3. Just read your blogs and it was really helpful not only this blog but every blog which you guys have written are really wonderful. Keep sharing your ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information. I recently shifted to Kalu Sarai near IIT and this blog helps me a lot to find salon near me. Love it.

  5. Very informative article for people who belongs to Delhi and reside near IIT. Students of IIT get so much benefitted by this. Keep sharing such informative and helpful blog. Love your website.

  6. We have SAC salon inside the campus which is not as good. The salons mentioned here are definitely better.

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