The new-age bride has adapted her taste to the ever-evolving fashion trends while staying true to the traditional side of things. The pandemic too has had its influence and has shifted preferences to minimalism and simplicity. However, these terms should not be confused for boring or ordinary. They are anything but that. As we gear up for the 2021 wedding season, let’s discuss some of these wedding lehenga trends and see what modern meets traditional looks like.


As we see new trends being brought about in bridal wedding lehengas for brides, one of the major changes is in the color of the lehengas being picked by the brides. We can see a shift in the preference from red bridal lehenga to other colors like pastel shades, ivory, gold, and even emerald green. While we see major monochromatic looks being served by the brides, we get to see some creative color combinations that we would have never thought would look this good together. A popular new color for brides has also been pink bridal lehenga for weddings. It’s all about thinking out of the box when it comes to the color of the lehenga.


Besr Bridal Blouse Designs Ideas

The plunging neckline is one of the most recent trends we have seen in bridal fashion. Paired with a heavy statement neckpiece, they help elevate the look and modernize it all the while playing off of the traditional aspects as well. Apart from this, sleeves have seen some major changes as well. Ranging from puffy sleeves to off-the-shoulder blouses, there has been an introduction of a variety of choices in blouses as well compared to the time where they were all the same and we could hardly imagine any changes in the design. 


Bridal Dupatta Trending Ideas

Dupattas have not been left behind in this modern take on the bridal look. Two of the major styles we have seen in recent times with the dupatta include the caped look and double dupatta. This not only makes it easy for the bride to carry it but also gives it a modern sleek look. While the caped look is more of a modern take on the style, the double dupatta is a step in the more traditional direction. In this, the bride wears two dupattas of different colors which not only makes the look stand apart but also incorporates the entire outfit as one.


New Bridal Lehenga Designs Ideas

Within wedding lehenga, the latest lehenga designs focus has now shifted from the more heavily embroidered looks to those that display more simplicity. Bridal Lehenga designs all over India are heavily influenced by designers as well and celebrities that feature them in their own weddings. Sabyasachi’s feather and frill designs took the bridal wear market by storm. Apart from this, more modern takes on lehengas like printed lehengas or even the chevron print are featured to be the upcoming looks for the season. Jacket style lehengas are another trend that we see being highlighted. It brings a sense of continuity and flow to the outfit and also serves as an alternative for brides that don’t wish to be confined to blouses. 


Choose your Bridal Lehenga which matches with Groom outfit

Though not new to 2021, a look that always grabs the attention of the guests and others on social media is when the couple makes the effort to match colors and even materials with which the outfits have been made. The sherwani for grooms can be customized just like the wedding dresses for brides. It ties the entire function together and elevates both their looks as well. Not to mention, it leaves no doubt in the minds of even distant relatives and plus ones as to who the bride and groom are. 

These are certain trends for Wedding Lehenga Designs currently followed. Comment below to know more about these trends.

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