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Which is the best brand for nail polish?
When I go to salon I am asked which nail polish brand I prefer. I always select the brand name I have heard of but I don’t think I am making the right choice. Which brands should I go for to get the best quality?
Which nail polish brand is used by high class beauty parlours?
Which brand is the best for high quality nail art?

Founded by Tata Group, Lakme is the oldest cosmetic brand of the country. With its 50+ years of expertise, it is no wonder people trust Lakme the most. The brand is one India’s first cosmetic brand for women and is still the best brand in the market.
Fast and Fabulous, Colour Crush, 9 to 5 are the best selling ranges form Lakme.
If a Salon or Parlour does not have Lakme nail paints, you may as well look for a new parlour or salon.

Maybelline is rapidly growing as a trusted cosmetic brand in India. Their collections llike Super Stay, Express Finish, Clear Glow and Color Show have all been successful.
Salons nowadays show off that they have Maybelline collection to prove they have quality products.
Maybelline is more popular among younger generations.

Colorbar is the high end brand that you will find in most of the Luxury Salons. It is synonymous with quality. Quick Finish Nail Lacquer, Nail Polish Exclusive and Fluid Sand Nail Lacquer are some of its hottest selling ranges. Colorbar is known for its Glossy finish. Wide range of shades and glitters are available in Colorbar collections.

Color Stay and Top Speed are two very popular nail paint lines among women. They both belong to Revlon. Although not as popular as Lakme, Revlon is still one of the most trusted nail polish brands in India. They are know for drying fast and are very affordable.
If your stylist has years of experience, then don’t be surprised to see Revlon colors in their collection. The brand has been in the market for a long time now.

Lotus Herbals is one of the most affordable cosmetic brands in India. Mint Magic, Gold Mist and Plum Shine are some of their popular color ranges. Lotus nail polish will probably be the least costly one if you check the prices in a salon, but they provided good quality as per the cost and hence are preferred by salons.

Elle 18
If you want a nail paint bottle with beautiful bright shade for just 50 bucks, Elle 18 is your brand. The brand is known for its bubbly shades, cute little bottles and the fact that the color won’t last long. If you regularly change your nail color then Elle 18 is for you. Because of its affordability, Elle 18 is one brand that you will find in most of the semi-premium and few premium parlours and salons.

Loreal Paris gets a head start in the market because of its brand name. Loreal is the first choice of  fashion-enthusiastic and style-conscious women owing to its high quality and years of prominence. Loreal nail paints can be found in any Luxury Salons and Premium parlours because of its high class consumer base.

Other nail polish brands trusted in India :


Street Wear


China Glaze








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