Top Salons in South Delhi

South Delhi has everything only better, fancier and more expensive.
Of course it has! It is home to the most affluent of Delhiites.
People here are more likely to go to big stores and malls instead of typical Delhi Markets.

Sophistication, style and class are very important to their lifestyle.
Maintaining that is not easy, they have to be very selective in their look and style.
Not every salon can run its business in South Delhi, they have to be good enough.

Here is a list of those good enough salons that have done gained the trust of South Delhi.

Ethereal Unisex Studio Salon

Vanity Lounge

Purete Unisex Salon

Style Lounge

Divine Unisex Salon

Hair Show

Creative Unisex Salon

Amit Gent’s Parlour

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