Trending Beard Styles 2022

The goal of selecting a hairstyle or beard style revolves around giving your face a more oval look. Knowing your face shape can help you easily decide which styles look best on you. These are just suggestions, and there are always exceptions.

Understanding your face shape

Style Guide|Face shapes - Oval Face Shape, Oblong/Rectangle Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Round Face Shape, Diamond Face Shape, Triangular Face Shape

The idea of any beard style is to add contrast and dimension to your face’s dimensions. No face shape is ideal and no face shape is ugly. All are best if you know how to carry them 😛

Usually, there are six face shapes: oval, round, rectangle, square, diamond, and triangle.

Let’s figure out the best beard style for your face.

Oval Face Shape

It is round at both the top and bottom but also slightly long (it is like an elongated circle). It goes without saying too that an oval face can handle almost anything and everything you try on it. Oval face doesn’t have a very clearly defined jawline.

trending men's beard styles, oval face shape - Lokaci blogs
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Oblong/Rectangle Face Shape

The rectangular face shape is somewhere between an oval and square-shaped face. It is a long face shape with definitions of angular edges. It can be styled in two ways- One is by keeping a beard shorter than your head hair. Secondly if one has a jaw that is more narrow than the forehead, keeping a beard longer than your hair is probably the best look. 

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Rectangle/Oblong face shape - Lokaci Blogs
Source: All About Vision

Square Face Shape

One thing that somebody with a square face shape tries to avoid is to not get blocky, squared-off, and full because of the beard. Go for a beard style that has more hair on the chin and a little less on the sides and neck. 

new trending beard style, Square Face Shape - Lokaci blogs
Source: All About Vision

Round Face Shape

You struggle to find an angle on the face 🙁 but that’s okay a softer jawline is an innate feature of a round face shape. Choose a beard style that’s shorter on the sides and longer at the bottom. Don’t forget to keep a check on your sideburns and cheeks.

trending beard styles, Round Face Shape- Lokaci blogs
Source: Machohairstyles

Diamond Face Shape

Vampire Diaries has made everyone fall in love with the cheekbones. Cheekbones are a prominent feature on a diamond-shaped face. The goal of shaping a beard on a diamond-shaped face is to keep some hair on the chin to offset the cheekbones. So as to avoid the knife-sharp look! 

trending beard styles 2021, Diamond Face Shape -Lokaci blogs
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Triangular Face Shape

The triangular face is narrow on the top and a little extra wide along the jaw. The innate pointed jawline is a triangular face’s feature. It’s best to take away attention from the chin here. 

new trending beard style
trending beard look
Triangular Face Shape -Lokaci blogs
Source: Strictly Manology

We have listed some Trending beard styles in 2021. Of course the list in never ending but we hope to give you an idea so you may choose the best for your face.


The 5 o’clock shadow is the flaunt of the stubble hair growth that many men often get around late afternoon since their last shave. The length for any shadow beard ranges between 3 mm to 3.5mm. Ensure not to trim less than 3 mm because it will give you a clean-shaven appearance(far far away from the shadow you wanted).

Best Suited For: Oval Face Shape with dark hair

YouTube Tutorial: beautyheaven

THE 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW - - Lokaci Blogs
Source: Gillette


 What does it mean to have a scruffy beard? It is a rough and tough beard look around the face. SCRUFFY refers to the feel and texture of the beard, which resembles a ragged feeling like soft sandpaper. 

Best Suited For: Square face shape

YouTube Tutorial: Braun

SCRUFFY BEARD - Lokaci Blogs
Source: Well Groomed Gentleman


If a well-groomed full beard is your style then Corporate Beard is for you. Its length is usually between ½-inch to 1-inch. Don’t confuse it with a boxed beard, the cheek line in Corporate Beard keeps a more natural appearance. 

Best suited For: Oval-shaped face

YouTube Tutorial: Muscular Style

Source: Beards Base
The Corporate Beard Style: Grow & Trim this Professional Look - Lokaci Blogs
Source: Beards Base


YouTube Tutorial: style ever

Source: Beardbrand


It is similar to a full beard only, but it has thin, neatly trimmed sides. Suitable option for those who want a classic beard style but at the same time want an alternative to Full Beard’s heavy volume. 

Best suited For: Round face shapes

YouTube Tutorial: WahlHomeProduct

Source: Pinterest


The Hollywoodian beard style is a Vintage beard style. It appears like a full beard without sideburns. It has a mustache and grows hair along the chin and jawline for the retro look. It is like an extended goatee. 

Best suited for: Diamond, Triangle, and Oval face shapes

YouTube Tutorial: inspire channel

Hollywoodian Beard Style: How to Grow, Guide - Lokaci Blogs
Source: Balding Beards


It gives the vibe of a more mature and masculine beard style that deserves good styling. It is a short yet full beard with a mustache to complete your look. The Verdi facial hairstyle isolated the curled-up mustache from the beard.

Best suited for: Triangle-shaped faces, narrow jawline

YouTube Tutorial: Beardbrand

Verdi Beard Examples - Lokaci Blogs
Source: Pinterest


Power beards are natural beards. Its length ranges somewhere between 4 to 6 inches. It’s the length of this beard that gives you a completely different personality look. It may be curled, waved, or kept straight to style the best.

YouTube Tutorial: Beardbrand

POWER BEARD - Lokaci Blogs


A Chevron Moustache is full and thick on the upper lip but stays trimmed towards the lip end so that it strictly ends just above the top lip.

Best suited for: Square Face

YouTube Tutorial: WahlHomeProduct

Source: A Gentleman’s Row

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Are mustaches back in style 2021?

A simple answer to this is, nothing in fashion vanishes completely forever. It keeps repeating with generations. So, yes mustaches back in style 2021.

What is the most popular beard style?

  • The Full Beard
  • The Goatee
  • The Designer Stubble
  • The Chinstrap Beard
Who has best beard in Bollywood?
  1. Aditya Roy Kapoor
  2. Farhan Akhtar
  3. Shahid Kapoor
  4. John Abraham
  5. Arjun Rampal
  6. Kartik Aaryan
  7. Hrithik Roshan

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