There have been countless developments in technology and the camera and picture quality for weddings have also stepped up. With no room to hide behind anything, it is more important than ever for brides to make sure they don’t look back on these pictures and wish they had done something differently. For this purpose, we are here to discuss a few methods of applying bridal makeup and to tell you what will suit your skin the best. 


Bright and glowing bridal makeup resulting in a sun kissed look, carried out by the HD makeup technique.
Source: Makeup Up With Neelu, Laxmi Nagar
natural makeup, not too heavy, giving a youthful look to the bride with light highlighting.
Source: Makeup Up With Neelu, Laxmi Nagar

This technique was born out of necessity as camera quality increased and so did the quality of pictures. It’s a simple technique that uses the normal method of applying makeup. The only difference is that the products used for this makeup contain ingredients like mica, silicon, quartz, or crystals that help diffuse the light that is captured by the camera and gives the face an even tone look that hides any blemishes. This makeup is best suited for brides with visible pores, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. This technique is the perfect balance between full coverage while being light and natural-looking at the same time. In popular, bridal makeup price starts from 1.5k and the HD makeup price can cost up to 18k. Further, using products like the makeup forever HD foundation gives you a matt, long-lasting finish which avoids cakey looks.


A bright blended look achieved through the airbrush technique.
Source: Pinterest
sheer finish to compliment the natural features of the bride.
Source: Pinterest

This is yet another technique that was introduced as an attempt to give brides a much more blended finish for their traditional bridal makeup look. Airbrush uses light coverage products that are applied through a spraying machine that helps the products blend well on the skin. Though not usable for covering acne or other prominent marks or blemishes, this technique coats the skin with a thin layer of product that helps brides achieve the most natural and blended look possible. Similar to the HD makeup technique, airbrush makeup prices, and packages in salons like range from anywhere between 16k to 20k. 


light finish to a glowing makeup look preventing a cakey or oily after effect.
Source: Makeup Up With Neelu, Laxmi Nagar
emphasis on the eyes and lips with a sheer finish to the makeup.
Source: Pinterest

This technique is best suited for the bride with naturally glowing skin that wants to steer away from the hassles of having to apply and touch up makeup on their wedding day. Natural makeup looks puts emphasis on eyes and lips by using products like eyeliner or a lip liner. They outline the features and help the bride’s natural beauty stand out. Products like mascara are helpful in elongating eyelashes without having to use false lashes. Along with this, the placement of products like blush and highlighter should be done strategically to give the face a lift.

Each of these techniques has its own benefits and limitations which make them suitable for different brides. Which technique do you think will be the best fit for you? Comment below.

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